How To Cancel Shipstreak Order?

Shipstreak Order Cancel

We hope that you are getting the deliveries of your order on time via ShipStreak. But, what if you need to cancel the ShipStreak order? How can you do that? Let’s get to know about it in this article. 

ShipStreak is a popular eCommerce shipping partner company that helps you to grow your business. It offers excellent logistic communication services across various shipping companies. 

You can cancel your ShipStreak order by contacting their customer support team with different contact modes. Filling the Contact Form and Calling can be a better choice. 

Read this entire article to learn about the ShipStreak Return & Refund Policy. 

What ShipStreak Offer?

ShipStreak provides shipping services to all of India including almost 27,000+ Pincodes. ShipStreak offers you the following services- 

  • Improve your Customer Experience by communicating with your customers via WhatsApp, SMS, or Manual Calling. 
  • Integrate Logistics Solutions For Your Store
  • Scale your Online Business
  • Increase Profitability
  • Expand your Business with 27,000+ shipping codes and 8+ recognized courier partners. 

How To Cancel ShipStreak Order?

You can try to cancel your ShipStreak order by getting in touch with their support team and asking them to cancel the order. Get connected with their service team and then the team will decide whether your order is eligible to cancel or not. 

These are the ways to contact the ShipStreak Support Team.

  1. Get in touch with the ShipStreak Support Team by Submitting this Contact Form.
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  1. Call their Support Team at +91 7554304202 
  1. Chat with their customer care team on their Social Media Accounts- Facebook or Instagram.
  1. ShipStreak Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 079.  

How To Return ShipStreak Order? Returns & Refund Policy

ShipStreak offers a hassle-free returns. You can return your ShipStreak order within 5 days from the date your order is delivered to you. Make sure that your order is in its original condition (not damaged or used). 

Follow these steps to initiate the Return Process. 

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  1. Go to the “Return Request” link page and enter your Mobile Number and Request for the OTP.
  2. Verified your Mobile Number 
  3. Head towards the “Order History” section 
  4. Select the order that you wish to return 
  5. Tap on the “Return” option beside the order or item
  6. Select the reason to return the order from the list
  7. Upload the image of the product that you received
  8. Fill out the Refund Details and follow a few steps to complete the return process. 

With this, your Return Request is submitted. Once it is approved by the ShipStreak team, your pick-up request will be generated with a third-party logistic partner. The party will then come to your place for the order pick up and do the product verification test. 

If your order fails that test, the pickup team will reject your order and your return request. If the product is verified, then they will pick up your order and you will be refunded for that returned order soon. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Get A Refund From ShipStreak?

Once your Return is completed successfully, you will get a refund for that order within 5-7 days from your order pick-up date. 

How To Contact ShipStreak Customer Service?

You can contact the ShipStreak customer service team by filling out this Support Form or via WhatsApp at +91 89049 34854. 
You can contact their Support team at +91 7554304202. You can chat with their team on Facebook.


Contact the ShipStreak customer care team to get to know whether they cancel your order or not. If you are not able to cancel the ShipStreak order, then the last method is to return the order once it is delivered to you with the steps mentioned above in this guide. 


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