How To Cancel CalFresh (SNAP) Benefits?

How To Cancel CalFresh (SNAP) Benefits?

It seems like you are moving from California, or maybe you no longer want to continue with the CalFresh services. Whatever the reason is, if you are thinking of canceling your CalFresh services, then here’s the best guide for you. 

CalFresh, or known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP is a monthly food delivery program in California organized for the family with low economic conditions. This program helps a lot of families in California. 

You can cancel your CalFresh Benefits either online from your ERP State Portal or by contacting the CalFresh Benefits Helpline number. 

CalFresh (SNAP) Program Benefits 

You can use the EBT Cards to get the benefits of the SNAP program. With this card, you can purchase most of the food from the different grocery stores. These foods are good for your diet and health as they are nutritious. 

With CalFresh benefits, families in California can get healthy diet food at affordable cost. The food items also include fresh fruits, vegetables, and basic required items. You will get monthly EBT card benefits under this program. 

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How To Cancel CalFresh Online?

Follow these steps to cancel your CalFresh Service online- 

  1. Log in to your EBT Portal according to your state. Check out this link. 
  1. Go to your Account Profile and click on the “Discontinue Benefits” option. You can find that option under “Manage Account”.
  1. Follow some more steps to confirm your cancellation 

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How To Cancel CalFresh Or SNAP Benefits By Calling?

You can also cancel your CalFresh benefits by calling the CalFresh Benefits Helpline number 1-877-847-3663. Tell the team member to discontinue your SNAP Benefits. 

This is one of the quickest methods to cancel the CalFresh service benefits. 

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How To Cancel CalFresh Via Cancellation Form?

You can get a SNAP cancellation form from your state’s website. Fill out the form with the required details and submit the form to the following Mailing Address. 

California Department of Social Services

744 P Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel SNAP Benefits Application?

To cancel your CalFresh application, if it is not approved yet, contact your county officer and ask them to cancel the application. 

Can I Still Use CalFresh Services If I Cancelled?

No, after canceling your CalFresh benefits, your CalFresh account will be closed and your EBT card will be deactivated. You can not use your CalFresh Benefits after canceling them. 

How To Contact The CalFresh Team?

You can contact the CalFresh Helpline number 1-877-847-3663 or send an email to [email protected] & [email protected] 


CalFresh benefits can only be available to California residents. If for any reason, you are trying to relocate to some other place, then you are not eligible for the CalFresh program and you need to cancel its benefits.

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