How To Cancel SkipTheDishes Order? It’s That Much Simple!!

How To Cancel SkipTheDishes Order?

You suddenly changed your mind after ordering something from the SkipTheDishes. Now if you are looking for ways to cancel Skip the Dishes order then here is the article for you.

SkipTheDishes is a restaurant in Canada that provides online food delivery services to its customers. Almost, 29000 restaurants are registered under the SkipTheDishes and they provide the best food services across Canada. 

You can cancel the SkipTheDishes order with online cancelation steps from your account, only if your order acceptance request is still pending by the restaurant. 

What to do if your order is accepted by the restaurant? You will get a clear understanding of all the order cancelation concepts later in this article. 

How To Cancel SkipTheDishes Order Online?

If your placed order has not been accepted by the restaurant yet, then you can cancel your SkipTheDishes order on your own from your account by following these steps- 

  1. Open the SkipTheDishes Website or App and log in to your account. 
  2. From the top of the screen, click the “Cancel Order” button 
  3. Your cancelation request will be submitted and your order will be canceled. 

Make sure to cancel the order quickly before the restaurant accepts it. Once the restaurant accepts the order, you cannot cancel the order with these online cancelation steps. 

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How To Cancel SkipTheDishes Order Via Chat?

If the order is accepted by the restaurant and you want to cancel it, then you need to chat with the SkipTheDishes customer service team and ask them for an order cancelation. 

To start the Chat process, go to SkipTheDishes Official Website> Tap the “Need Help” chat icon from the top> Tap “Chat With Us” from the dialog box> Enter your details> Click the “Start Chat” button. 

How To Cancel SkipTheDishes Order- How To Cancel SkipTheDishes Order Via Chat?

If you are using the SkipTheDishes App, then you can get the “Question Mark” button on the top of your account to start the “Live Chat” with the agent to cancel the order. 

Tell the team agent to cancel your order and they will then help you with further cancelation process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A SkipTheDishes Cancel Order Refund?

If your order is canceled by the SkipTheDishes team, then you can get a refund as per the food preparation. If the restaurant starts preparing your order, then you will not get a refund for that order, after canceling it. 

How To Contact The SkipTheDishes Customer Service?

You can contact the SkipTheDishes customer service team via their Live Chat section available on their official website. You can also send an email to [email protected] or write to SkipTheDishes Restaurant Services Inc. 242 Hargrave, suite 400, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C OM8. 

How Do I Contact Skip Courier?

To contact the SkipTheDishes Courier team, you can either access their non-live chat feature from the Courier App or send an email to [email protected] 


When it comes to delivery, SkipTheDishes tries its best to provide you with excellent online delivery services. So, their order acceptance process is fast and they immediately start to process your order. 

You just need to be quick in canceling your order because once your food preparation is started, you will face difficulty in cancelation as well as in refund.

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