How Easily You Can Cancel PicSo AI Subscription?

How Easily You Can Cancel PicSo AI Subscription?

If you are currently in this situation, you no longer want to use the subscription services of PicSo but don’t know how to cancel it. Then, this article is for you, where you are going to learn how to cancel PicSo Subscription. 

If you are an Anime lover, then you will definitely love the PicSo Platform. With its AI techniques, you can create anime-like styles and artwork. To try out its services, go to the PicSO Website. 

You can cancel your PicSo Subscription, by submitting your cancelation request to their team via Email or on their Discord Community. 

How Much Is PicSo Subscription Cost?

You will get the PicSo Pro monthly subscription ( $9.99) and the PicSo Pro yearly subscription ($49.99). 

PicSo Pro Benefits

  • 100 credits per month
  • Priority queue
  • Unlock multitask
  • Pro styles
  • No watermark

How To Cancel PicSo Subscription Via Email?

The first method to cancel your PicSo Pro Subscription is by sending a cancelation Email to their team. 

For this, open the Gmail application from your device and compose a proper cancelation Email to cancel the PicSo Subscription. 

Include “Request to Cancel PicSo Subscription” in the Subject Field. Add all the details of your subscription and contact number in the body of the email. 

When you are done, send the PicSo AI Cancel Email to [email protected] 

How To Cancel PicSo Subscription Via Discord?

PicSo creates a large Discord Community in which their team members are pretty active. You can contact their team on Discord and ask them to cancel the subscription. Go to the bottom of the page of the PicSo Website and tap on “Discord” to join their community.

They will surely accept your cancelation request on Discord and cancel it soon for you. 

How To Cancel PicSo Subscription From iPhone?

Follow these steps to cancel the PicSo Subscription from the iPhone. 

  1. From the iPhone, open Settings
  2. Then, tap on your Apple ID
  3. Simply choose the Subscriptions option
  4. Then, a list of your Active Subscriptions will be opened
  5. Select PicSo from Active Subscriptions
  6. From the bottom of the screen, click on the Cancel Subscription option
  7. Select Confirm from the pop-up menu
  8. Your PicSo Subscription will be canceled and you will not be charged for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Delete PicSo Account?

If you permanently want to delete your PicSo Account, then you can do so by clicking the “Delete Account” button from your PicSo Account. After Delete Account, all information on your account is permanently lost. 

Is PicSo App Safe?

Yes, the PicSo App is safe and can be accessible by anyone. 

What Are The Best PicSo Alternative In 2023?

5 Best alternative AI platforms that you can use in place of PicSo are- SoulGen, NightCafe Creator, Playform, Photosonic, and Midjourney. Here, you can also get a guide on how to cancel SoulGen AI Subscription. 

How To Contact PicSo Customer Service?

You can contact their customer service team by sending an Email to [email protected] or by sending a message on their Discord Group. 


Here’s what you need to know to cancel the PicSo AI Subscription. Follow these methods and cancel your subscription easily. In case of any other support, contact the PicSo team at any time. 

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