How To Cancel Ranger Rick Magazine Subscription?

How To Cancel Ranger Rick Magazine Subscription?

It seems like you have taken the subscription to Ranger Rick magazine for entertainment and extra knowledge for your children. But, your children are getting bored of it and now you want to cancel Ranger Rick Subscription. 

If your kid is a big Ranger Rick cartoon character, then you can add the Ranger Rick magazine reading habit to their daily routine. Your child will get to know about animal facts, wildlife riddles, and amazing puzzle games in the Ranger Rick Magazine Subscription. 

You can cancel your Ranger Rick Subscription by the Ranger Rick Cancel Subscription Online method or by making a call to the Ranger Rick Cancel Subscription Contact Number. 

How Much Is Ranger Rick Subscription?

You will get any of the Ranger Rick Titles at the cost of $15 for one year. In every subscription pack, you will get a free digital edition too. 

You can opt for any of the following Ranger Rick Titles-

  1. Ranger Rick (Ages 7+)
  2. Ranger Rick Jr (Ages 4-7)
  3. Ranger Rick Cub (Ages 0-4)
  4. Zoobooks (Ages 7+)
  5. Zootles (Ages 4-7)
  6. Ranger Rick Dinosaurs (Ages 4-7)

Can You Cancel Ranger Rick Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Ranger Rick subscription at any time before it auto-renews to its new subscription plan. 

It is recommended to turn off your auto-renewal charges of Ranger Rick Subscription at least one day before its new subscription term period starts. 

How To Cancel Ranger Rick Subscription?

How To Cancel Ranger Rick Magazine Subscription- How To Cancel Ranger Rick Magazine Subscription?

If you are thinking of canceling the Ranger Rick Subscription on your own, then you can do so by going to this Page. 

From that page, log in to your Account or sign in as a guest and follow the instructions to cancel the subscription.  

How To Cancel Ranger Rick Subscription Over The Phone?

You can also discontinue your Ranger Rick Subscription services by disabling their automatic renewal system. With this, you will not be charged automatically for your subscription terms. 

When you disable it, your subscription plan will end after your current subscription plan ends. To cancel the subscription, you need to call Ranger Rick Cancel Subscription Phone Number 1-800-611-1599. 

When you get connected with their team member on a call, then without asking any questions from you, they will discontinue your Ranger Rick services. 

How To Contact Ranger Rick Customer Service?

You can submit your concerns or questions by contacting their customer service team via Email. Follow are the Emails for the respective customer services. You can also send your subscription cancelation request via Email. 

  1. Ranger Rick: [email protected] 
  1. Ranger Rick Cub: [email protected]
  1. Zootles: [email protected] 
  1. Ranger Rick Dinosaurs: [email protected] 
  1. Ranger Rick Jr.: [email protected] 
  1. Zoobooks: [email protected] 
  1. Zoobies: [email protected] 
  1. National Wildlife: [email protected] 

Note: You can also contact Ranger Rick Subscription Phone Number at 1-800-611-1599.


You can opt for any of the Ranger Rick Title, according to your child’s interest. The subscription cost is the same for everyone. If after some time, you wanna cancel the subscription, follow the above-mentioned methods to cancel properly. You can also cancel the Early Moments Subscription.

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