How Can You Cancel SoulGen AI Subscription?

How Can You Cancel SoulGen AI Subscription?

You can now create your AI-generated images with SoulGen. Some people found this tool interesting, while others did not find it worth spending money on this tool. That’s the reason, most people wanna cancel their SoulGen AI subscription. 

SoulGen is an AI image-generator tool that can create beautiful anime images with written text. You can give them a written command and according to that command, they will generate your character’s appearance. 

You can cancel SoulGen AI Subscription, by contacting their service team via Email or by informing them about your concern on their Discord Community. 

SoulGen Subscription Pricing

You can use its services and try its features with a “Free Trial” for a certain period. After that, you have to purchase its subscription. New subscribers will get 70% off on their first subscription. 

Here are the subscription plans for SoulGen. 

  1. New Subscribers: $9.99 ( 1 month) & $69.99 ( 12 months)
  2. Old Subscribers: $19.99 ( 1 month) & $239.88 (12 months)

Your payment for the subscription can only be done via either your Credit or Debit card or with PayPal. 

How To Cancel SoulGen AI Subscription?

Many people are struggling to cancel their SoulGen AI Subscription. They do not get any exact method for cancelation. If you are thinking of canceling the SoulGen AI Subscription, then you can cancel it by getting help from your payment mode company. 

If you are unable to cancel the subscription and get charged over and over again for your plans. Then, try this method to stop your recurring payments. 

If you purchased the SoulGen Subscription with PayPal payment mode, then you can call the PayPal team to stop making your recurring payments from your PayPal Account to the SoulGen Subscription. 

Call the PayPal Team directly at +1 (402) 935-2050 and request that to update your payment status from recurring to one-time. You can also contact your Credit or Debit Card team 

If you are unable to cancel the subscription with this method, then we have two more ways for you to cancel the subscription. 

How To Cancel SoulGen AI Subscription Via Email?

SoulGen provides you with an Email Address for their subscribers to contact their support team in case of any inconvenience. 

In short, if your problem is with the cancelation, then you can also submit your cancelation query in front of their team by sending an email to [email protected] 

As soon as your Email is sent, they will consider your concern and will try their best to cancel your SoulGen AI Subscription. 

How To Cancel SoulGen AI Subscription Via Discord?

Yes, Discord !! SoulGen team creates a large community on Discord for their team’s discussion as well as to solve the queries from their subscribers. 

To cancel the Subscription, you can send a message to their team on Discord, that you want to cancel the subscription. They will surely reply to your message with a possible cancellation solution. 

How To Contact SoulGen Customer Service?

If you have any questions or issues with SoulGen services or conditions, then you can contact their team via Email at [email protected] or by accessing their Discord Community. 

You can also connect with their team on their Twitter handle. 


No matter, how well this SoulGen tool served you. There comes a time when you need to cancel the subscription for the sake of saving money and there is nothing wrong with it. 

We will try our best to provide you with working ways to cancel the subscription. Take a proper look at these above-mentioned methods and select the method that works for you. Make your SoulGen AI cancelation done today. You can also cancel the Subscription.

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