How To Cancel Perplexity AI Subscription?

How To Cancel Perplexity AI Subscription?

Are you looking for some ways to cancel Perplexity AI Subscription? If so, here in this guide you will find some possible ways for that. 

Perplexity is an AI tool that provides you with all types of information. You can ask any of the questions on this platform via text or by speech. They will provide you with accurate and well-researched information for that particular question. 

You can cancel your Perplexity Subscription at any time either online from your account or by sending a cancelation Email to their team. 

Perplexity AI Pricing

You can use Perplexity for absolutely free. You can get many features in its free version. To unlock its amazing special features, you can subscribe to Perplexity Pro Plan at $20 per month and $200 per year. 

How To Cancel Perplexity AI Subscription?

Follow these steps to cancel your Perplexity Pro Subscription plan-

  1. Go to Perplexity Website and log in to your account
  2. Tap on your profile and go to your Account Settings
  3. Scroll to Settings and tap on the Subscriptions button under Perplexity Pro
  4. Then, tap on the Manage Plan button
  5. Then, click on the Cancel Plan from the Current Plan page.
  6. After canceling your pro plan, you will be redirected to the Perplexity Free Version.  

How To Cancel Perplexity AI Subscription Via Email?

  1. You can also contact the Perplexity customer service team to ask them to cancel your subscription
  2. You can reach out to their team via Email
  3. Composed an Email to their team and write in detail that you want to cancel Perplexity Subscription
  4. Send that email to [email protected] 

How To Delete Perplexity AI Account?

Follow these steps to delete your Perplexity AI Account-

  1. Go to the Perplexity Website and log in to your Account
  2. Click on the Profile and navigate to the Settings section
  3. Go to the Account section
  4. Tap on the Delete Account link next to it 
  5. Confirm your deletion

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens To My Account When I Cancel Subscription?

Your Perplexity Pro Account will automatically be shifted to the Perplexity Free Account after canceling the subscription. You can’t access any of the subscription benefits after that. 

How Can You Request A Refund From Perplexity?

You will only get a refund if you get a duplicate subscription from them and are charged in the wrong way. To request a refund, send an Email to [email protected] 

Is It Possible To Pause The Perplexity Subscription?

No, subscribers are not allowed to pause their Perplexity Subscription.

How Long Is The Perplexity Free Trial Period?

Perplexity provides its users with a 7-day free trial period. 

How To Contact Perplexity Customer Service?

You can send an Email to the Perplexity service team at [email protected] 


With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, many AI tools are available on the internet. The best part is that you can access them for free. 

With this, we conclude our “Perplexity AI Cancel” topic. We hope that you will get the information that you are looking for. You can also cancel your Kaiber AI Subscription.

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