How To Cancel Hinge Subscription? 3 Effective Methods !!

How To Cancel Hinge Subscription?

It feels like you could not find a genuine and strong connection on Hinge for yourself. That’s why you don’t want to continue with this dating app. For this, you need to cancel Hinge Subscription first with the steps we gonna mention here. 

Hinge is a well-designed dating platform or app for those people who strongly believe in true love and wants to build a real relationship with someone as per their interest and understanding. But, still, if you don’t find the right partner for you on this platform yet, then you can cancel the subscription and delete your Hinge Profile at any time. 

You can cancel your Hinge Subscription by following the steps to cancel your subscription from Apple or Google Play Store. In the case of support, you can contact their customer service team for cancelation. 

Can You Cancel Hinge Subscription?

You can be able to cancel the Hinge Subscription from your Apple or Android devices. As Apple and Google subscriptions renew automatically for the new subscription term. 

So, according to Apple & Google Policy, it is recommended to cancel the Hinge Subscription at least 24 hours before it renews automatically

How To Cancel Hinge Subscription On iPhone?

Follow these steps to cancel the Hinge Subscription on your iPhone. 

  1. Go to your iPhone Subscriptions page. 
  2. Select Hinge from the list
  3. Then, click on Cancel Subscription
  4. For more information, you can go to Apple’s Support Page. 

How To Cancel Hinge Subscription On Android?

Here are the steps to follow to cancel the Hinge Subscription.

  1. Go to the Google Play Subscriptions page.
  2. Select Hinge from the Subscriptions list
  3. Click the Cancel Subscription button 
  4. Follow more steps to confirm the cancelation
  5. For more information, you can go to Google’s Support Page. 

How To Cancel Hinge Subscription Via Email?

The other way to cancel the Hinge Subscription is by sending an email to their team Email Address at [email protected]

As soon as your Email is received by their team, they will further start the process to cancel your subscription and you will be updated about it on the Email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t Cancel Hinge Subscription?

If you are unable to cancel the Hinge Subscription online, then it means some technical issues will be there or your subscription will be canceled already. 

In that case, you can submit a request to the Hinge Help Center team to cancel the subscription. 

How To Delete Hinge Account Without Logging In?

Steps to delete the Hinge Account- Open Hinge App> Go to Settings> Click on Delete Account> Confirm the Deletion. Make sure that your subscription is canceled, before deleting your account. 

What Happens When You Delete Hinge App?

When you delete your Hinge Account, your Hinge Profile will be deleted, and your profile will no longer be accessible or viewed by anyone on Hinge App. All of your content likes, photos, chats, everything will be deleted too. 

How To Contact Hinge Customer Service?

To contact their team, you can submit a Request on their Help Support Page or via email to [email protected]


If your Hinge Account is not working well for you, then you can delete Hinge account and start over again by creating the new one. 

But, if you want to get rid of the Hinge subscription or profile permanently, then cancel its subscription with the above-mentioned steps and then delete the Hinge Account. 

We hope that this information is enough for you to clear your every confusion related to how to cancel your Hinge Subscription. In case of any other doubt, contact Hinge Support Team at any time. You can also cancel your OKCupid Subscription.

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