How To Cancel YouTube Music Subscription?

Cancel YouTube Music

Are you thinking of moving out of YouTube Music Or you might not be happy with its services Or you have already come across a better Music platform or do you want to switch to any other music streaming platform? 

YouTube Music is a paid music membership for YouTube Music users, that allows access to the whole directory without any ads, download music for offline listening, or listen to music even if the screen has turned off.

To cancel your YouTube Music Account, you will first have to sign in to your account and find the Delete option from the Account section. As you follow the instructions, the account shall be terminated. 

If you continue reading this article, you will find the different ways of canceling your YouTube Music account on different devices, so go ahead. 

How To Cancel YouTube Music Membership?

YouTube Music membership can be canceled easily if you look at our blog keenly. The method of cancelation of YouTube Music membership is different on different devices. Here, we shall discuss cancelations on desktops and phones. Here we go:

How To Cancel YouTube Music Membership On Desktop?

The easiest method to cancel your YouTube Membership is to use a desktop browser and follow the following points:

1. Open the YouTube Music player via a web browser and sign in to your YouTube Music account. Then, press the “profile” icon in the upper-rightmost corner.

2. Now choose the “Paid Memberships” option in the drop-down menu to visit the paid membership page.

3. Press the “Manage Membership” icon further to the YouTube Music subscription feature.

4. Press the “Deactivate” icon further to your upcoming billing date.

5. Press the “Continue To Cancel” icon, If you are asked to Pause your Membership instead. Then, press “Yes, Cancel” to complete the cancelation process.

You should take care of one thing which is that you cancel your YouTube Music membership while your current billing cycle is still going on so that you are not charged for another month.

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How To Cancel YouTube Music Membership On Phone?

It is simple to cancel a YouTube Music Membership on your Mobile Phone. At the outright, please make sure that you have already downloaded the Youtube Music Player mobile application.

Then, follow the given steps cautiously to cancel your YouTube Music Membership on your mobile phone:

1. Open the YouTube Music application on your mobile phone and “Sign in” to your account.

2. Press the “Profile” icon in the top-right corner of the application and then, choose “Paid Memberships”.

3. The application will show all of your present subscriptions. Press the membership you want to cancel. Click the “Deactivate” further to your next paying date.

4. Press “Continue To Cancel”. Choose your excuse for canceling and press “Next”. Press “Yes, Cancel”.

Most importantly, You can still keep the benefits from your previous subscription until the end of the current billing period.


Can I Use Audio-Only Mode To Listen To Music?

Yes, If you are having YouTube Music Membership, you can use the Audio-Only mode without loading a video.

What Happens When The Extended Free Trial Ends? 

If you cancel before the end of your free trials, your membership will end.

Can You Stream YouTube Music On Two Devices At Once?

No, It is not possible to stream music on two devices simultaneously even if you have paid YouTube Music membership.

Wrapping Up

Thus you understood that canceling YouTube Music Account is a piece of cake if the above instructions are followed properly. If there are any other queries on your mind regarding the cancelation of some other membership, we are always here for you, just a comment away. 

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