How To Cancel Oak Furniture Land Order? Two Methods!!

How To Cancel Oak Furniture Land Order?

You are a regular customer of Oak Furniture and suppose you placed the wrong order on it in a hurry. Are you able to cancel Oak Furniture Land Order? 

Let’s find this out in this article. Oak Furniture Land is a famous retail company that deals in every range of furniture products for Bedrooms, Dining, Sofas, Living, and even for offices.

To cancel your Oak Furniture Land Order, you can simply contact their customer service team and ask their team member to cancel the order. 

Can You Cancel Your Oak Furniture Land Order?

Yes, you have the option to cancel your order with Oak Furniture Land before its delivery. Before your order delivery date, you have at least 3 days to cancel the order. 

How To Cancel Oak Furniture Land Order?

Want to cancel your placed Oak Furniture Land order? Don’t Worry!! Just take help from their customer support team. 

To cancel your Oak Furniture Land Order, contact their customer support service team at their phone number at 0800 440 2254 and submit your order cancelation request. 

As you dial the number, immediately press option 2 and you will be connected to their team member. 

After getting connected with their team member on a call, tell them about order cancelation. If you have put the cancelation request at the right time, then their team will cancel your order. 

How Can You Manage Your Oak Furniture Land Order Online?

You can go to the My Account section from your Oak Furniture Land Account and in that section, you can manage your order. 

You can update your delivery date, track your order, delete your order history, or maybe you are able to cancel your order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Return Your Oak Furniture Land Order?

Yes, you can. If you do not need any of your product from Oak Furniture Land, then you can return that order back to their team within 14 days of receiving it (for the online store) and 7 days (for the offline store). 

Contact their team and start the process of your return. 

Can Oak Furniture Land Charge You A Return Fee?

Yes, to return your items, you have to pay an online Return fee to Oak Furniture Land. Check out their Return Policy Page, for return fee charges. 

How Can You Get A Refund From Oak Furniture Land?

The following are the conditions for getting a refund from Oak Furniture Land:
For Online Shopping– Return your order within 14 days of receiving it
For in-store shopping– Return the order within 7 days of receiving it

How To Contact Oak Furniture Land Customer Service?

To place your order or if you need any kind of assistance, you can contact their customer service team by making a call at 0800 440 2254. 
Go to the Oak Furniture Land Contact Center page for more information. 


Oak Furniture Land provides a very simple cancellation and Return policy. We mean that you do not need to file any online cancelation or any cancellation form. 

Just a simple call to Oak Furniture Land Team and your order will be canceled. You can cancel Ashley Furniture Order.

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