How To Cancel Ashley Furniture Order? Cancel In Just 5 Steps!

cancel ashley furniture order

Did you place an order on Ashley Furniture but don’t require the item anymore? Well, if you are having second thoughts about your purchases and are planning to terminate your recent orders then we can help you cancel your Ashley Furniture order by providing you easy steps for the same. 

The famous American manufacturing company, Ashley Furniture Industries, retails home furnishing, home decor, and related items. One can opt for Ashley Furniture if they wish to give a new look to their home as here, they can shop for anything including bedding, dining, closets, living room, and much more to enhance their place. 

To cancel your Ashley Furniture order, you will have to give a call to their Customer Support department and request cancellation. However, there are some cancellation terms and conditions that one must go through before canceling their order at Ashley Furniture. 

Cancel Ashley Furniture Order- Terms & Conditions

If you are about to change or cancel your Ashley Furniture order then there are a few conditions that you must follow. 

> For your Standard Shipping, you can give a call to their Customer Care department, and for the update or order cancellation confirmation, they will send you an email. You are also allowed to return your already shipped order but may be charged a return fee. 

> If your orders are for No-Hassle Delivery + Assembly and Doorstep Delivery, even then you will have to dial their Customer Support number for cancellation. However, you must keep in mind that if you cancel your Ashley Furniture order about 48 hours prior to the time of your scheduled delivery then they will easily cancel it. But if you cancel your order after the 48-hour time period to your scheduled delivery then your order will be canceled, of course, but you will be charged the order delivery fees. They will send you a confirmation email for the same too. 

> As almost all of their furniture is specially ordered from the manufacturer, you will be charged for canceling it. Customers will have to pay a 30% cancellation fee for their canceled orders. Purchase payments that have been completed via check will be refunded after about 15 working days from the date of your order payment. Purchase payments that have been made by cash will also be refunded via check.

> Purchases that have been paid for by credit card will get a refund through their original payment form. If you don’t want to face a penalty then you should cancel this transaction within three days from the date you made your purchase. 

How Can I Cancel Ashley Furniture Order?

The easy way to cancel your Ashley Furniture order is by calling their Support department number and asking them to cancel your order. 

1. You can dial the Ashley Furniture Customer Service number 866-436-3393 to connect to a representative.

2. You must now inform them about your furniture order cancellation and request them for the same. 

3. Do provide them with your personal details, information regarding your order, and purchase timings, and answer all the queries you are asked. 

4. The representative will then track your order to confirm if you follow the terms and conditions as discussed above. 

5. They will help you cancel your order and you will soon receive an order cancellation confirmation email that you may keep as proof. 

Cancel Ashley Furniture Order- FAQs

Does Ashley Furniture Charge A Restocking Fee?

If you are able to return your Ashley Furniture order in about three days then the delivery fee that you paid earlier will not be refunded to you. Also, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee. But if you make a one-time reselection of an item of equal or greater value than the previous one, then you will have to pay for the new delivery fee but not for the restocking fee. 

Does Ashley Furniture Charge Before Delivery?

For Standard Shipping, your credit card will be charged by Ashley Furniture when your order ships. However, for the No-Hassle Delivery + Assembly or Doorstep Delivery, customers will be charged after their order has been delivered. 

What Is The Ashley Furniture Return Policy?

For order returns of online purchases, you will have to call their Customer Service department within 72 hours. When they get back your returned item, they will soon refund you the cost of the item but will exclude the handling fee and shipping fee from that. For other issues like repairing, replacing, and more, you must contact the Support team within the initial 30 days of the delivery. For purchases made in-store, you must go through the cancellation policy or terms and conditions of the stores itself as they are all independently owned and operated. 

Wrap Up

Ashley Furniture has a range of home decor and related items that you can purchase for your place. But if you have already ordered an item but no longer require it then you can follow the steps to cancel your Ashley Furniture order as mentioned above. You must first go through the order cancellation and return terms and conditions and then complete the cancellation. Contact Ashley Furniture Customer Care for more help. You can also cancel your Williams-Sonoma order.

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