How To Cancel NFL Shop Order? 3 Hacks You Better Not Miss!

How To Cancel NFL Shop Order?

If you have already ordered something from NFL Shop and have changed your mind, you are probably wondering how to cancel NFL Shop order. If you don’t know how to do it, then we will assist you in canceling your NFL Shop order by guiding you through the necessary steps.

The NFL Shop is an online retailer that offers a wide range of officially licensed NFL apparel for all 32 NFL Teams. They sell their collection from top brands such as New Era, Nike, Fanatic Branded, and many others. Despite the good ratings, still there are some customers who didn’t like their products and want to cancel their orders. How? Let’s get you to know about it. 

To cancel your order from NFL Shop, you have three ways. 

  • Cancel Order Online
  • Cancel Via Live Chat
  • Cancel Over Phone

To know in detail about the procedure read the article till the end.

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Can You Cancel Your NFL Shop Order?

Well!! There is no guarantee that you get to cancel your order from NFL Shop once it is placed. You can cancel your order before its shipment. Once it’s shipped, then you are not allowed to cancel your order from NFL Shop. You can check your order “Delivery Status” by tracking your order and if you are eligible for Canceling your order, do so. 

There are some scenarios in which the cancelation policy does not apply. These scenarios include the following:

  • Customized Items: The products that are personalized with the player’s name or other things on a special request can not be canceled.
  • Personalized Manufactured Direct Items: They include personalized products like player’s number, names, or other requests, that are created by third-party vendors.
  • Out of Stock: When your purchased product is out of their stock.
  • Order Verification: When your placed order is not verified by them under any circumstance. 

How To Cancel NFL Shop Order Online?

You can cancel your NFL Shop order only if it is eligible for cancelation, otherwise, you won’t be able to make any changes to your order. 

Follow these steps to cancel your NFL Shop order:

  • Sign in to your NFL Account from “My Account”
  • Track your Order
  • If you will see the “Need to modify order” option, then it means your order is eligible for cancelation
  • Select “Cancel Order”
  • Select “Reason of Cancelation” to confirm your cancelation
  • Hit the “Cancel Order” button from the bottom
  • When all of the items are canceled, the screen will refresh and the updated order status will be displayed.

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How To Cancel NFL Shop Via Live Chat?

You also have the option to cancel your order from NFL Shop via the “Live Chat” option. In this, you are connected to one of their team members by chatting, then you can ask them to help you with your cancelation order with them. Their Fan Service Chat Team is available 24/7. You can chat with them at any time. 

Follow these simple steps to do so:

  • Visit NFL Shop Contact Customer Service Page
  • Click on the “Live Chat” option 
  • You can start to chat with them by “Typing your Message” first and the chat goes on until your order is canceled. 

How To Cancel NFL Shop Over A Call?

You can get in contact with their Customer Support team by calling on their helpline number at 855-210-8830 and talking directly to one of their team members regarding any concern related to your order. If your order is eligible for cancelation, then they will surely help you cancel your order. To call outside of United State, call 1-904-685-7844 to cancel your NFL order. 

What Is NFL Shop Return Policy?

NFL Shop Return Policy is simple and straightforward. You can return your non-defective products from NFL Shop within 90 days to purchase your order. Products should be in good condition, unworn, and unused for return. If they find any kind of damage to your order, then your return request will be canceled by them. It can take up to 10 working days to process your Return Request.

Follow these steps to return your order from NFL Shop:

  • Visit the “Track My Order” page
  • Enter your Order Number
  • Click on the “Continue” button
  • Select “View Order Details” 
  • Tap on “Continue” after entering your Email Address
  • Select the order to make a return
  • Click on “Return Items”
  • Choose “Reason of Return”
  • Click on the “Process Return” button
  • Your return is initiated
  • You will receive your Return confirmation in your email

Note: Know about International Return Policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund For NFL Shop Orders?

Yes, after your return request is approved, you will get a refund for that particular order or item. After your return request is approved, you will get your refund within 2 to 7 days, once your order is picked up from you. 

What Is NFL Shop Customer Service Email?

Regarding any query, you can email NFL Shop at [email protected] 

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So, here we are, hoping that you were able to easily cancel your order on NFL Shop and received your refund. Remember, you can only do this if your order is eligible for cancellation.

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