How To Cancel MyHeritage AI Subscription? Possible Ways!!

How To Cancel MyHeritage AI Subscription? Possible Ways!!

One of the most unique tools in the world of AI is MyHeritage Platform. Many people have subscribed to its service. Somehow, after using it, if you wanna cancel MyHeritage Subscription, then this article is for you. 

MyHeritage is very beneficial for those people who have no one in this world. This is a kind of DNA web platform, in which you can create and find your family tree by answering some questions about yourself. Its database includes almost 19.4 billion people’s records, and you can explore and search them via photos. 

You can cancel your MyHeritage AI Subscription from your MyHeritage Website or MyHeritage App, by following some cancelation steps discussed in this article. 

You will definitely get a lot of amazing and beneficial knowledge about canceling the MyHeritage Subscription or Free Trial in this entire article. 

Can You Cancel MyHeritage AI Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your MyHeritage AI Subscription. As its subscription renews automatically, it’s better to notify the team about cancelation at least one day before its new subscription date. 

How To Cancel MyHeritage Subscription Purchased Via MyHeritage App?

If you purchased your MyHeritage Subscription from the MyHeritage App, then its subscription will only be canceled from Android (Google Play) or iOS (App Store). Follow these steps to cancel the MyHeritage Subscription depending on your mobile type. 

Cancel MyHeritage For Android Users

  1. Go to the Google Play Store App
  2. Click the Menu button from the top
  3. Click Subscriptions
  4. Select MyHeritage Subscription
  5. Tap on the Cancel Subscription option

Cancel MyHeritage For iOS Users

  1. Go to your iOS settings
  2. Click on the Name
  3. Select MyHeritage Subscription to manage
  4. Click the Cancel Subscription button

Note: If you directly uninstall your MyHeritage App from your device without canceling the subscription, then you must be charged automatically for its subscription. 

So, it’s important that you cancel the subscription first, and then uninstall the App from the device. 

How Can I Cancel The Automatic Renewal Of A MyHeritage Subscription Via Website?

How To Cancel MyHeritage AI Subscription- How Can I Cancel The Automatic Renewal Of A MyHeritage Subscription Via Website?

As you know your MyHeritage Subscription auto-renews after every new billing period and is deducted money from your account automatically with the subscription price. 

If you don’t want your subscription to auto-renew, then follow these steps to cancel the automatic renewal of MyHeritage Subscription purchased via its website. 

  1. Go to the MyHeritage Website from your browser
  2. Tap on your Name from the Home Page
  3. Navigate to the My purchases
  4. Click on either one of them- “Complete Subscriptions”, “Data Subscriptions”, or “Site Subscriptions” below the “My Purchases” section
  5. Tap “View Details” to see the status of your subscription
  6. To cancel the Auto-Renewal, click on the “Cancel Subscription” button 

How To Cancel MyHeritage AI Subscription Over The Phone?

If you faced any of the issues while canceling your subscription, then you can also contact their customer support service team on their given phone number to cancel the subscription. 

Make a call to the MyHeritage support Team phone number at 1-844-994-1888 and ask their team to cancel the subscription. 

Take a look at this table for the phone numbers according to the country. 

Country Customer Care Phone Number
Australia(+61) 1800 841 735
Canada1 833 907 1800
Ireland (+353) 1800 944 240
NewZealand(+64) 0800 627 020 
United Kingdome(+44) 080 8164 8606
Other Locations+1 385 334 3981

How Do I Cancel MyHeritage Free Trail?

Follow these steps to cancel your MyHeritage Free Trial from the website. 

  1. Login to the MyHeritage Account
  2. Tap on your Name from the top
  3. Go to My purchases
  4. Select either- “Data Subscriptions” or “Complete Subscription” from the left side. (depending on the type of subscription you have)
  5. Tap on the “View Details” option
  6. Then, click “Stop Free Trial Now” 

How Do I Cancel My Free Trial From The App?

If you are using MyHeritage App on your mobile device, then follow these steps to cancel the free trial from your Mobile Device. 

  1. Android: Google Play Store App> Menu> Subscriptions> MyHeritage Subscription> Cancel Subscription. 
  1. iOS: Settings> Apple ID> Subscriptions> MyHeritage Subscription> Cancel Free Trail. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A MyHeritage Cancel Subscription Refund?

A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered by MyHeritage. If you cancel the subscription and ask for a refund within 30 days of making the purchase, then you will surely get a refund.
To request a refund, you need to contact the MyHeritage Customer Support Team. 

How To Contact MyHeritage Customer Support?

If you have any questions or concerns related to the MyHeritage Terms and Conditions agreement, then you can contact their team via 1-844-994-1888. Contact Page for other phone numbers. 
You can send your questions to Customer Support MyHeritage Ltd. PO Box 50, Terminal Park, Or Yehuda 6037606, Israel


With this, we conclude today’s article. We hope that now you are all set to cancel your MyHeritage Subscription on your own. In case of any support, Contact their customer support service team. 

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