How To Cancel Eleven Labs AI Subscription?

How To Cancel Eleven Labs AI Subscription?

It seems like you have completed your task, for which you had taken the subscription to the Eleven Labs AI tool. And now, you want to cancel Eleven Labs AI Subscription. 

Eleven Labs is a generative voice AI tool, which can convert your speech text into a high-quality and well-mannered voice. You can use that voice for any of your video projects or content. Try out its services at the Eleven Labs Website. 

You can cancel your Eleven Labs AI Subscription online from your Account or by submitting your cancelation request to their customer service team. 

You will get to know more further details about the Eleven Labs cancelation process. So, make sure that you read this article up to its conclusion. 

Eleven Labs AI Subscription Pricing Plans

Take a look at this table to get to know about Eleven Labs Subscription Plans.

Eleven Labs Subscription Subscription Cost
Starter$1 per month (For new users). After that, $5 per month
Creator$22 per month
Independent Publisher$99 per month
Growing Business$330 per month
EnterpriseContact Team 

How To Cancel Eleven Labs AI Voice Cloning Subscription?

How To Cancel Eleven Labs AI Subscription-  How To Cancel Eleven Labs AI Voice Cloning Subscription?

Follow these steps to cancel your Eleven Labs AI Subscription. 

  1. Login to your Eleven Labs Account
  1. View your Account profile and then tap on the Subscription option
  1. Go to the Manage Subscription panel 
  1. Click the Cancel Subscription button 

How To Cancel Eleven Labs AI Subscription Via Email?

Cancelation via email is also a good idea. Their customer service team will take all the queries of their subscribers via Email. So, you can also send your cancelation query to them via Email. 

Composed an Email and sent it to their Eleven Labs Email Address at [email protected]  

How Can I Request A Refund From Eleven Labs?

You take the Eleven Labs Subscription, but now you cancel the Subscription. Do you get a refund after canceling the subscription? 

Well!! Not every time. You will only get a refund if you cancel the subscription within 14 days of making the payment. After 14 days, your subscription was canceled, but no refunds will be given. 

In the case of Enterprise Plan, you have to request a refund within 30 days of making a new purchase. To submit a refund request, send an Email to [email protected] 

How Can I Contact Eleven Labs Support?

In case, if you have any issues, then you can contact their support team with the following methods. 

  1. By sending a message to the Eleven Labs Discord Community. 
  1. You can access their Live Chat feature from their Contact Page
  1. Send an Email to [email protected]
  1. Send your queries to Eleven Labs Inc. 576 Vanderbilt Avenue Apartment 4 Brooklyn, NY 11238 United States


With this, we come to the conclusion of our article on how to cancel Eleven Labs AI Subscription. We hope that you are satisfied with the information that we provided in this article. 

Still, if anything is left from our side, contact their customer service team and resolve your issues. You can also cancel the Prezi Subscription.

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