How To Cancel Poe AI Subscription? 100% Cancellation!!

How To Cancel Poe AI Subscription?

It seems like you got attracted to the funny bots of the Poe Platform and used this platform to get any information on any topic in a fun way. 

If your fun is over now and you want to cancel Poe AI Subscription, then in this article we will discuss some ways for that. Maybe they are helpful to you. 

To cancel your Poe AI Subscription, you have to go to your Poe Settings page and cancel it from there. Canceling subscriptions via third-party apps is also possible. 

What Is Poe.AI?

Before moving forward, let’s start with a quick introduction to the Poe Platform. Poe AI works similarly to ChatGPT. 

You can create an account on it and get answers to all of your questions via chatting. Remember, you will only get updated information on any topic till September on this platform.  Start using Poe AI for free.

Poe AI Subscription Pricing Plans

You can access the Poe AI services for free. But, for unlocking more bot features to Poe, by taking its Subscription Pro Plan. It offers three types of Pro Subscription Plans. 

  • Yearly Pro Subscription: You will discount on this subscription. Costs Rs 19900.00 per year (Rs 382.69 per week)
  • Monthly Pro Subscription: Costs Rs 23988 per year (Rs 1999 per month)
  • Weekly Pro Subscription: Costs Rs 999 per week

How To Cancel Poe AI Subscription On iOS?

Follow these steps to cancel your Poe AI Subscription from your iOS device. 

  • Go to your iPhone Settings
  • Click on your name from the top and view your Apple ID
  • Go to the Subscriptions section
  • Choose Poe AI Subscription
  • Click on the Cancel Subscription 

Note: If you cannot see the “Cancel Subscription” button, then it means your subscription is already canceled. 

But, if your subscription is active and you are unable to cancel it, then contact the Apple Support Team in that situation. 

How To Cancel Poe AI Subscription On Android?

If you are using the Poe AI App on your Android phone, then here are the steps to cancel the subscription via Android

  • Go to your Google Play Store App
  • Click the Menu and open the options from your Google Play profile
  • Select Payments & Subscriptions 
  • Select Subscriptions 
  • Choose Poe AI Subscription 
  • Tap on the Cancel Subscription option

How To Delete Poe AI Account?

Deleting your Poe AI Account is a very easy process and can be done within seconds. Follow these steps to delete your Poe AI Account. 

  • Login to the Poe AI Account with your Email Address or Open The Poe App from your device
  • Go to the Poe Settings section
  • Scroll down the Settings Page
  • Click on the Delete Account button from the bottom
  • Again, tap “OK” from the pop-up box
  • Your Poe Account will be deleted
  • You need to Verify your Email Address again, to log back into your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Poe AI Chat Free?

Yes, you can access the Poe AI platform for free. For more exciting benefits, you can Subscribe to its Pro Subscription. 

How To Connect With Poe Service Team?

There is no exact way to contact their team directly. But, you can follow Poe Team on Twitter and send your questions to their team on DM. 


If you are thinking that ChatGPT is the best platform over Poe AI, then definitely you can go for it. It’s your choice. There is no compulsion to use the Poe AI Platform. 

In fact, Poe provides you with an easy way to Delete their account. Follow these steps to cancel your Poe AI Account. In the meantime, you can also cancel your ChatGPT Subscription, with this guide.

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