How To Cancel Snap Fitness Membership? 3 Proven Methods!!

cancel snap fitness membership

Are you tired of your Snap Fitness Gym Membership? Well!! How much Gym-Freak you are, there will come a time when you will not want to feel like doing gym and all. If you are a Snap Fitness Gym Member and are also experiencing the same, then canceling your membership is a good option for you.  

Snap fitness is a gym founded in 2003 by Peter Taunton. They provide high-intensity training.

It provides the facility to work out in a laid-back environment. It is a 24 /7 gym to keep you fit. You know that you can cancel your Snap Fitness Membership at any time as it does not have a contract system. 

You have three ways or methods to cancel your Snap Fitness Membership

  • Cancel By In-Person
  • Cancel Via E-mail
  • Cancel Via Calling

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What Is Snap Fitness Membership?

To have access to various facilities of the gym, they offer you a membership.

Membership will provide you with special facilities. The features of membership vary in all the clubs. By visiting the club you can get to know about the membership details.

How To Cancel Snap Fitness Membership In LockIn Period?

Yes, you can cancel your Snap Fitness Membership at any time but it is recommended to you to cancel it within its cooling-off period and as you all know 14 days is the cooling-off period to cancel any membership.

Important Factors For Snap Fitness Cancel Membership

Well!! There are three main ways to cancel your membership with Snap Fitness.

  1. The first one is by Visiting In-Person
  2. Calling or sending an email are the other two methods

How To Cancel Snap Fitness Membership By In-Person?

Canceling a membership by visiting their clubs requires simple and easy steps. The cancellation process of snap fitness gym differs from club to club and depends on the terms and conditions. So, you should get the information about your club by visiting and getting the information. You can directly visit the club for knowing the cancellation process and other details. They will provide you with the information and procedure or a cancellation form. You can go there during staffed hours. 

Cancel Snap Fitness Cancel Membership Via Calling & Email If You Have Pending Dues

For other methods (calling and email) you may require to send a letter to the gym for continuing the process. Without providing the letter, canceling of membership may not take place. So, now you will get to know how to write a notice letter and what information should be in this letter. You can also request your cancellation of membership by calling. One can find the contact information on the club webpage or it may be provided to you when signing the membership.

Letter Of Cancelation: First of all, in the letter, you need to provide some necessary details and information which should be the same as you provide while signing the membership. 

The letter should include the following details-  Your full name, date of birth, contact number, email address, account number, password, user name, billing address, last amount charged and date of the charge, and the last 4 digits of credit or debit card.

You also need to provide the reason for canceling the membership in the letter.

Once, you have all this information with you then write the letter with these details.

Send the letter to the gym address by the post office. 

Also, you should keep one copy of the letter. And there should be a 30-day notice period before the cancellation process. 

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Cancel Snap Fitness Membership Via Calling

Following are the steps to cancel your membership by calling.

  1. Call On The Number Of The Gym at 877-474-5422
  2. Request For The Cancelation: Talk with the staff and make a request for the canceling process and ask them to start the procedure.
  3. Provide The Details: They will ask you for the details of your account and billing and you need to provide them with the correct information. And if you have some pending dues, they will tell you about that also.
  4. Need Of Notice: After all this, your membership can be canceled directly or they will ask you to write a letter. If they ask you for a letter, then you have to write a cancellation letter with the proper details and reasons mentioned above.

Cancel Snap Fitness Membership Via Email

Sending an email is another way of canceling the membership. In the e-mail, send them a letter that includes the required information for canceling process. To send an email, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Drafting A Letter: Write a letter in which you will let them know your intent of canceling the membership.
  2. Provide All The Information: In the letter, you need to mention all the details of your account, payment method, etc .and sign that letter by mentioning the date as well. 

Now, send the letter to the gym through the post office or by email. Their given email is [email protected] After that, you will receive a confirmation email of your cancellation which will be proof of membership cancellation. If not, ask the gym about If not, ask the gym about the cancellation email or code by calling.

Can You Get A Refund From Snap Fitness Membership?

If you sign up for full membership and do not notice an improvement in your physical and mental health within one month, then you can cancel your membership with a full refund or money-back. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Pause Your Snap Fitness Membership? Can I Put My Snap Fitness Membership On Hold?

You can also pause your membership if you don’t want to join for 1 to 3 months as per your requirement. This is called freezing or pausing membership. If you want to take a break from the gym due to traveling, health or injury, or another such issue, then you can freeze your membership at any time. 

How Can You Pause Your Membership?

To freeze a membership, you need to provide a written notice at least five days in advance of the next month and need to pay some charges also. You can also get the freezing information by visiting your club. 

Does Snap Fitness Have Blue Light Discount?

Yes, Some of the Snap fitness locations offer Blue Light discount. enjoy before the offer expires.


Well!! These are the ways to stop your Membership with Snap Fitness. If you are bored with your regular gym routine, due to illness, high fee ranges, or for any other reason, you do not want to continue with its services, then you can cancel it at any time. We hope that with this article, you will be fully informed about Snap Fitness Cancelation. 

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