How To Cancel Energie Fitness Membership?

Energie Fitness Cancel Membership

Energie fitness offers their clients different kinds of Membership, so they can access all the facilities at the gym and have access to some more benefits you are also allowed to cancel your Membership at any time. How? Let’s find out.

Membership is a contract in which you have to pay every month for the duration of the time you have signed for. Membership can be yearly or monthly. By signing the contract, you become a member and agree to the terms and conditions. If you have recently signed up for Energie Fitness Membership, then we must tell you that knowing about its cancellation procedure is now a must for you. Isn’t it? Yes, then let us help you out with this.

You can cancel your Energie Fitness Membership by sending your cancelation notice with a valid cancelation reason along with original proof to their support team or by canceling via Online Function.

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Energie Fitness Membership Benefits

There are many types of membership such as 12-month membership, current membership, premium membership, etc.

Having a membership of energie fitness provides you access to many facilities such as –

Fully equipped cardio and weight rooms and special rooms for boxing, and yoga.

Outdoor workout area, private showers, and lockers. You have access to the pool also.

Also, in membership, you have classes also like yoga, cycling, boxing, and more.

Can You Cancel Your Energie Fitness Membership?

Yes, you can cancel your Energie Fitness Membership within its cooling-off period of 14 days. 

Energie Fitness Cancel Membership

14 days is the cooling off period to cancel the membership from the signing time and if you have not started the facilities. It is the minimum time provided to you in case you change your mind and don’t want to have a membership. After that, you can end your membership after the commitment period.

To cancel the membership during the commitment period you should have a valid reason.

You need to provide the reason and its proof.

If you have one of the following reasons you can cancel the membership –

  • Change In Address: You have a new address which is 15 miles away from the mentioned address.
  • Long-Term Injury Or Illness: If you have had a medical condition for over 3 months and can’t perform any exercise. Then, you can cancel the membership for that reason.
  • Other Factors: There are other reasons, such as someone getting pregnant, you having money issues, and not being happy with the services provided by the gym membership. But along with these reasons, there should be proper evidence so that your cancellation doesn’t get affected. The pieces of evidence such as if you are I’ll then there should be proper doctor’s written prescription proof, also written pregnancy proof…

Canceling Membership By Sending Notice

You have to send a notice for the cancellation of the membership without that it will not happen and you still have to pay the fees. The notice should have the reason and proper attachments of the evidence. If you still need to send notice and your membership is not canceled. But if you have stopped paying the fees, then it may take you to the court.

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Canceling Membership Via Online Function

Canceling the membership can be done online.

On the website, there is the option of Energie Fitness MANAGE MY MEMBERSHIP in the member’s area. 

There is a function of cancellation. After that, you would receive an email that will confirm the cancellation. Changes in the membership can also be made by visiting or through email.

Can You Freeze Your Energie Fitness Cancel Membership?

You can also freeze the membership for 1 to 3 months if you are not able to join for some reason and can continue after that. The changes in membership, canceling membership, or freezing should be done before the 25th prior to the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Join Energie Fitness Club?

Follow these simple steps to join Energie Fitness Gym:

  • Visit
  • “Select A Club” from the drop-down menu
  • Hit the “Submit” button
  • Choose your Membership plan:
  1. Classic for $27 per month
  2. Wow for $31.50 per month
  3. Epic for $36 per month
  • Choose payment mode
  • Done with payment and become a member!

Can Energie Fitness A Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, you can book your free trial with Energie Fitness by filling out its “Book A Free Visit” form from its website at

What Is Energie Fitness Customer Service?

You can “Send An Energie Fitness Email” by filling out the form. To get the form click on


Well!! The cancelation policy of most Gym Memberships is quite confusing and complex that can not be easily understood. So, everyone has to take some external help before canceling them whether they watch YouTube videos, or even reading out articles. If you like to read articles, then here is one on how you can easily cancel your Energie Fitness Gym Membership. 

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