How To Cancel Retro Fitness Membership? 2 Simple Methods!!

Cancel Retro Fitness Membership

Well, it’s time to Get Real with Retro Fitness and its special but simple approaches toward fitness. You can get the membership if you wish to have a healthy body, mind, and soul but if the membership no longer works for you then you can also cancel it at any time. 

Retro Fitness helps you put a serious attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. The trainers and staff in Retro Fitness choose and customize your health and fitness plans according to your goals. Complete access to world-class equipment and amenities is also available for all the members. 

You can easily cancel your Retro Fitness Membership by either visiting the location in person and talking to the representatives or by canceling your membership through a letter to the Retro Fitness team. 

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What Is Retro Fitness? Retro Fitness Membership Plans 

Retro Fitness provides you with numerous options to enhance and improve your health and fitness with its training programs and fitness classes. As they say, Retro Fitness provides an easy and simple approach to achieving health and fitness goals for its members. The Retro Fitness team not just provides a gym membership and amenities but the trainers are also experienced to train both your body and mind. With a Retro Fitness membership, you can have access to personal training, group fitness classes, core, tanning, cardio, etc. Members can also bring a friend but you must check for that before bringing someone. 

You can also create a Retro Fitness account where you can manage your membership account information and details related to it. You can also learn about your fitness classes, your membership benefits, and more through their official website. 

Following are the recent Retro Fitness Membership Plans

Monthly Membership PlansUltimate (No commitment)Core(12-month commitment)Flex (No commitment)
Due Today$34.99$31.99$73.99
Monthly Fee$34.99$31.99$24.99
Annual Fee$49.00$49.00$49.00
Cancellation FeeNilNilNil

Retro Fitness membership plans vary according to their location and other situations. You can expect a Retro Fitness membership monthly fee to range from $20 to $35. The enrollment fee can also range between $31.99 to $73.99. The annual fee of all these plans includes a payment of $49.00. 

Can You Cancel Retro Fitness Membership? 

Yes, you can easily cancel your Retro Fitness membership when you no longer require it. It is possible by canceling the membership in person where you talk to the staff or the representative and tell them that you wish to cancel your Retro Fitness membership. Another way to cancel your Retro Fitness membership is by mailing a letter to the team stating this issue and providing the required details. Here, you can cancel your membership with no penalty for the initial three days of your subscription. Later, you might be required to pay according to your membership plans. 

How Can I Cancel Retro Fitness Membership?

You can cancel your Retro Fitness membership in person or by sending them a letter. 

Cancel Retro Fitness Membership In Person

1. Go to your Retro Fitness Club location where you joined.

2. Talk to the representative there and provide them with a signed letter where you ask them to cancel your membership. 

3. In the letter, you must include your name, date, address, member number, and of course your signatures. 

Give the letter to the representative and you are done. 

Cancel Retro Fitness Membership Through A Letter

1. Write a letter to your club and state that you desire to cancel your membership

2. In the letter, do remember to add your name, date, address, membership number, and signature

3. Send the mail to the certified address of your club. 

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Can I Transfer My Retro Fitness Membership?

Yes, the members can transfer their Retro Fitness Membership to both other locations and to another person. If you are moving to a different place then you can transfer your membership to a different location without any fee charges. For that, you will be required to go to your Retro Fitness club and talk to a staff member regarding the same. 

If you wish, you are also allowed to transfer your Retro Fitness membership to a family member or a friend. For completing this process, both you and the person you are transferring the membership to will have to be present at the moment in your local Retro Fitness club and take the Staff member’s help. 

Cancel Retro Fitness Membership-FAQs

Can I Freeze My Retro Fitness Membership?

Yes, the members are allowed to freeze their Retro Fitness Membership whenever they feel like it. To freeze their membership, the members are required to get in contact with their Retro Fitness club, and the staff there will help them and guide them through the process.  

How To Find Retro Fitness Member Number?

The customers must have been provided with a Retro Fitness member number the day they joined the membership for the gym. If you want to know more about your membership number then you can contact the staff at your Retro Fitness gym as they would surely have details and documents related to your joining day and membership details and number. 

What Is Retro Fitness Cancellation Fee?

If you cancel your Retro Fitness membership within first three days of purchasing it then you won’t be required to pay any kind of penalty or cancellation fee. However, if you cancel after the three days of your first year then you will either have to pay for about three months of your membership or for the remaining membership period.

Can I Cancel My Retro Fitness Membership Online?

No, you will not be able to cancel your Retro Fitness membership online. All you can do is visit your club location in person or write a letter for your membership cancellation.

Wrap Up

Retro Fitness provides you with affordable fitness classes and options. The membership will even give you access to personal training sessions and group fitness classes apart from other benefits. However, if you desire to take a break from your fitness routine then you can easily cancel your Retro Fitness membership and can refer to the methods enlisted above. 

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