How To Cancel Tudum Subscription?

How To Cancel Tudum Subscription

Do you no longer need your Tudum subscription or has your free trial period ended for it? Then you would eagerly want to cancel your Tudum subscription so that you do not have to pay for something you don’t need, right? If you get late, the subscription amount might get deducted, so, it is better that you unsubscribe on time. 

A lot of people love to use up a service till the free trial lasts, and when it comes to payment, they unsubscribe from the services. Are you also one of them? Then you would definitely have tried Tudum to see if it is useful or not, and after all, we cannot let go of something we are getting for free, can we?

To cancel Tudum free trail in settings, go to tudum Website> Login > Menu> Manage Subscription> Cancel Subscription.

Let us read more about the services of Tudum as this is a website not many people are aware of, and also about how to easily cancel its subscription with easy steps in different ways. 

What Is Tudum?

Tudum is an official, trusted website that has been launched by Netflix where the users can have access to news, exclusive interviews as well as the BTS (behind the scene) videos of various films and television shows. 

How To Cancel Tudum Free Trail?

The method of canceling your Tudum subscription can vary, however, we have discussed all of them below, so you can check them out. 

How To Cancel Tudum Subscription On Website?

If you have been using Tudum on its web version from the very start, then you will probably prefer the same mode to cancel the subscription as well. So, here are the steps that you require to follow.

1. Open any of your preferred web browsers and search for Tudum’s website.

2. Head to the site and log in to your respective account. 

3. At the top right corner you will find an arrow pointing downwards, click on it.

4. Now click on the “Account” option from here.

5. Under the Billing option of the Manage Subscription page you will find an option of “Cancel Subscription”, click on it.

6. Finally, confirm your decision of canceling the subscription, and you are done. 

How To Cancel Tudum Subscription On Android?

If you have an android device and have been using the app version of Tudum, then here are the simple steps that you need to follow to Tudum Cancel Membership Subscription on Android:

1. Go to the Play Store of your Android device.

2. At the top right corner, tap on your profile icon. 

3. A menu will open up where you have to tap on the “Payments & Subscriptions” option. 

4. Then select the “Subscriptions” option from here.

5. A list of all your current subscriptions will appear from where you can select Tudum.

6. Finally, you can tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option and confirm your decision. 

How To Cancel Tudum Subscription On iOS Devices?

If you want to cancel your Tudum subscription on iPhone or iPad, then you can refer to the steps that have been mentioned right below:

1. Head to the Settings app of your iOS device.

2. At the top of the screen you will find your name, tap on it.

3. This will open your Apple ID menu, select the “Subsscriptions” menu from here.

4. From the list of all your existing subscriptions, tap on Tudum.

5. Now, you can just select the “Cancel Subscription” option and confirm the choice you made. 

How To Check Billing Date Of Tudum?

If you have forgotten when you subscribed for your Tudum plan and thus, are not sure of the upcoming billing date, this can be risky especially if you are planning to unsubscribe to it as soon as your current plan ends. 

So, do you also want to be aware of your Tudum Billing Date? Well, the good part is that Tudum lets its users have access to such information, so, here are the steps that you can follow if you want to check your upcoming billing date for Tudum. 

1. First, log in to your Tudum account whose billing date you want to check.

2. Then click on the “Billing” option which will view your current subscription plan along with the billing history.

3. From this billing history, you can just simply check the date you purchased the subscription on Tudum and you will know your respective billing date as per it. 

How To Cancel Auto Renewal On Tudum?

Are you quite forgetful about things that you have to do? Well, this can cause you a loss especially if you have got Tudum’s subscription and are planning to cancel it, but you will probably wait for your current subscription period to end, right?

If you do not want Tudum to automatically renew your plan even if you don’t need it, then you need to cancel the auto-renewal option on Tudum. How to do that? Here are the simple steps that you will require to go through to do this. 

1. Go to the website of Tudum and log in to your account.

2. Head to the Billing section of your account.

3. Here, you will find the Subscription tab, select  it.

4. Now, next to the “Change Plan” button, tap on the three vertical dots.

5.  You will find the “Auto Renewal” option here, tap on the “Off” button present right under this. 

Now, your subscription for Tudum will not be renewed automatically and if you need it, you will have to manually make the payment again. 

Tudum Cancel Membership Subscription – FAQs

Is Tudum Free?

Yes, Tudum provides its free service to the registered users, but only for 5 days, after that you have to purchase a subscription if you want to continue enjoying the services this platform provides.

How Much Is Tudum Subscription?

Once you have used up the free trial of Tudum, you are needed to pay an amount of $39.9 for its subscription. With this subscription, you can continue to have access to the website and its services. 

Wrap Up

We hope that this article has provided you with answers to all the possible questions that you could have regarding Tudum. If you still are unable to cancel your Tudum subscription, you can also contact Tudum Customer Service and get the issue resolved. Let us know in the comments if there is any other query on your mind for Tudum and its services. 

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