How To Cancel Hustlers University Subscription?

How To Cancel Hustlers University Subscription

Have you received the knowledge and ideas you needed from Hustlers University? Or, do you think that you are just wasting your money on this service? Whatever the case might be, you would want to know how to cancel your Hustlers University Subscription, right? That’s why we are here and happy to help you out. 

As we know that in today’s world, you can’t survive if you are not even good at a single skill. To aid you with this, an online money-focused community is out there, referred to as Hustlers University. However, some people have realized that they are just spending their money on subscriptions for nothing. 

To cancel your Hustlers University subscription, you have to head to the official website of Hustlers University and log in to your account by entering the linked email address. As you enter your membership portal, you can change your preferences and you will also find the option to cancel your subscription. 

Keep reading to know all the important aspects that you need to be aware of about Hustlers University and its subscription. 

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How Do I Cancel My Hustlers University Membership?

If you are using a Hustlers University 2.0 subscription and no longer find it helpful, then you can unsubscribe to its services through the New Era Learning cancel subscription method. Here are the simple steps that you are required to follow for this:

1. First of all, you have to head to the membership portal of New Era Learning.

2. Then enter your linked email to log into your respective account. 

3. You will find the “Cancel Subscription” option over there, click on it. 

That’s it, in this manner, you will be able to cancel your Hustler University subscription without any hassle. 

However, if you further need any kind of assistance on the same, you can always contact the LiveChat of Hustlers University support and discuss the matter with them. The good part about this is that it is a live chat and is available throughout the day, so you can contact them whenever you need. 

Can’t Cancel Hustlers University Subscription?

If you are following the steps same as we have mentioned above and you are still unable to cancel your subscription to Hustlers University, then there can be a few reasons behind this. 

1. The internet connection on your device might not be stable. Try switching to another internet network and then proceed with the cancellation process again. 

2. The details you entered might be incorrect. Make sure that you had entered the right email address linked to your account while logging into the membership portal of Hustlers University. 

3. There can be the case that the servers of the website are down at the moment. Since this is the issue at Hustlers University’s end, you cannot do anything about it. Just wait for a little and try canceling your subscription again in some time. 

4. Make sure that you have not connected to any VPN while canceling your subscription, this might hinder the proper working of the website.

5. There might be a minor glitch on your browser or phone, you should also try restarting your device and clearing the cache of your web browser. 

Can I Get A Refund From Hustlers University?

As per the Hustlers University refund policy, there is no chance that you will get a refund for the payment that you have already made on your subscription to the site. 

You should either use your subscription to make the best out of it, or you should find someone who is planning to get the same subscription and ask them if they would like to purchase it from them.  

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Is Hustlers University A Monthly Subscription?

As soon as you take up the membership of Hustlers University, you are required to subscribe to its services on a monthly basis and the payments are also made monthly. If you are done with the services on the site, you can stop your subscription any month you want.  

How Much Is The Monthly Subscription Of Hustlers University?

The monthly subscription for the services of Hustlers University will charge you about $49.99 every month. Apart from that, there can also be some extra fees and taxes where applicable, so you will need to pay that too. 

Hustlers University Subscription – FAQs 

How To Manage Membership Of Hustlers University?

If you want to manage the membership that you have already taken up at Hustlers University, you can head to your membership portal of New Era Learning and select the Manage option where you will be allowed to change your preference on the subscription. 

Is Hustlers University A One Time Payment?

No, there is nothing like a one-time payment at Hustlers University. The payment is required to be made on a monthly schedule and the subscribers can unsubscribe to it whenever they wish to. 

How Many Students Does HU Have?

As per the claims made by Andrew Tate, there are already over 110000 students who have subscribed to Hustlers University and are learning skills from there actively. 

Has Hustlers University Been Cancelled?

Recently, Hustlers University was closed for a certain period apparently for a massive platform upgrade, but it is not canceled yet and you can still subscribe to its services if you want. 

What Do They Teach In Hustlers University?

There are certain courses like freelancing, copywriting, stocks and Option Trading, cryptocurrency, amazon FBA, Publishing, Print on Demand, E-commerce, and many more that you can learn through your Hustlers University subscription. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you have been successful to cancel your membership from Hustlers University through our guide and saved yourself a lot of money that otherwise might have gotten wasted. If there is anything else you want to know about Hustlers University and its subscription, let us know in the comments. 

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