How To Cancel EveryPlate Subscription? 2 Easy Methods

How To Cancel EveryPlate Subscription? 

A lot of users try out meal kit subscriptions and settle with the one that they find the best for them as per their food preferences. If you are done with your EveryPlate meals and would like to try out some other meal service, then we are here to help you cancel your EveryPlate subscription. 

There are a number of services available these days that provide meal kits to the doorstep of their subscribers as per their food preferences. The meals provided by them are fresh and full of flavors, and one of them is EveryPlate. You must have heard of the popular meal delivery service called Green Chef. Yes, EveryPlate is also a part of it. 

To cancel your EveryPlate Subscription, you can either call on their customer service number and ask them to cancel your subscription or head to their website to have a live chat with their customer support representative to put in your request for the cancelation. You can also pause your subscription if you just don’t want their meal for particular weeks. 

To know in detail the entire process of terminating or skipping weeks of your EveryPlate membership, keep reading this article. 

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How To Cancel My EveryPlate Subscription?

There are currently two ways available in which your EveryPlate subscription can be terminated. We are going to discuss both methods right below, you can check them out and then go with the one you find better for yourself. 

How To Cancel EveryPlate Subscription Over The Phone?

You can simply contact EveryPlate customer service via phone and have your subscription canceled to their service.

  • Dial the official customer support phone number is (973) 210-4915 and you will be connected to a customer support representative.
  • Ask them to cancel your currently ongoing subscription to EveryPlate. 
  • Make sure that you have your EveryPlate account information and account ID details with you at the time of making the call as they might ask for these details so provide them with all the info accordingly. 
  • Another thing to note is that you should call on the customer service number of EveryPlate during business hours because otherwise, no one might receive your call, and you will have to wait. 

How To Cancel EveryPlate Subscription Via Chat? EveryPlate Customer Service

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to talk to people over the phone, then there is another option for you to cancel your subscription to EveryPlate. In this method, you can contact the customer service of EveryPlate, but not via a phone call, rather it would be via the live chat option. 

Yes, EveryPlate provides its users with a live chat feature in which they can talk to the customer support representative regarding any issue they face with their subscription or order including the cancelation of their membership.

  • Head to the official website of EveryPlate on your device’s web browser.
  • Then select the Live chat feature on the page after logging in to your respective account.
  • You will be able to chat with their representative. 
  • Ask them to terminate your subscription to EveryPlate.
  • They might ask you to provide some details, so, do as directed and your subscription shall be canceled and you will receive a confirmation message for the same. 

How To Cancel EveryPlate Online

You can also cancel your EveryPlate subscription online through your account profile but this option is not available in all locations.

So, you will first need to check if the feature to manually cancel your subscription on EveryPlate is available for you or not, if not, then you will have to go with either of the above two methods. 

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How To Pause EveryPlate?

If you do not want to entirely cancel your subscription on EveryPlate but would rather just want to pause the service for a particular week when you do not want to have their meal, then there is an option for that. 

To pause your subscription to EveryPlate

  • Login to the EveryPlate official website, or you can also open their mobile app.
  • Log in to your account and visit the Account page.
  • Here, you can click on the highlighted delivery day and select the week for which you would not want to receive the delivery. 
  • And then, you just need to click on the “Pause Week” option and you will not get any delivery for that week, nor will you get charged for that week. 

Wrapping Up

Finally, we are concluding this article in the hope that you were successful in terminating your subscription to EveryPlate and we also wish that you have now subscribed to a much better meal kit service.

If you are still wondering which one to go with, Food Diversity, Raw Foods, Ketogenic Foods, Gourmet Meals, and Vegan Meals are some great options that you can subscribe to. 

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