How To Cancel Covered California Plan Online? Quick And Easy!

Cancel Covered California

Do you want to cancel your Covered California Plan but have no idea how to? No worries, it isn’t as complicated as insurance plans seem and we are here to help you achieve your goal. With our easy and detailed methods, you will be able to cancel your Covered California plan. 

Covered California is one of the huge marketplaces in the States where people get several options to choose the insurance plan that would keep them and their family members covered. This platform will provide you with financial help while you buy health insurance from popular companies. 

You can cancel your Covered California plan online from their official website by logging in to your account or with the help of Customer Service by dialing the given number and requesting them to cancel your Covered California plan

Covered California Coverage Plans And Charges

The Affordable Care Act assured citizens to purchase brand-name health insurance and Covered California provides you with financial help when you ought to buy health insurance. The free service of Covered California presents citizens with popular brand-name insurance companies, it helps them choose their insurance plan at a discounted price. Covered California basically provides three coverage options where people can get the coverage of health, vision, and dental care together. 

Coverage PlansOut-of-Pocket MaximumMedical DeductiblePharmacy Deductible
Bronze Coverage PlanIndividual$8,200
Family $16,400
Individual $500
Silver Coverage PlanIndividual $900 – $8,750
Family$1,800 – $17,500
Individual $75 – $4,750
Family $150 – $9,500
Individual$0 – $85
Family$0 – $170
Gold Coverage PlanIndividual $8,550


The Bronze coverage plan is available for an Out-of-Pocket cost of $8,200 for individual insurance and $16,400 for family. You get free Preventive care and Children’s dental and vision coverage

The Silver coverage plan costs around $900 – $8,750 Out-of-Pocket cost for individual plans and about $1,800 – $17,500 for family. Free Preventive care and Children’s dental and vision coverage are also made available with the Silver Coverage plan of Covered California. 

For the Gold coverage plan, you will have to spend about $8,550 Out-of-Pocket cost for individual insurance and around $17,100 for family. There is a $0 Medical Deductible and Pharmacy Deductible. Also, Preventive care and children’s dental and vision coverage are also free. 

How Do I Cancel Covered California? 

It is possible to cancel your Covered California plans online or through Customer Support.

Cancel Covered California Online

1. You can cancel your Covered California online from the website by logging in to your account. 

2. On the right side of the screen page, you will see the Actions tab, click it. 

3. Now hit the Terminate Participation button under Actions. 

4. Follow the steps as directed and confirm your cancellation procedure. 

Cancel Covered California Via Customer Service

1. You can also get the help of Covered California Customer Service to cancel your plan. 

2. Dial (800) 300-1506 to speak to the call center representative regarding the same. 

3. Tell the representative that you desire to cancel your Covered California and provide them with the details they require.

4. Do as they say and when you are done, request a confirmation message for your plan cancellation.

If you wish to terminate your plan by the end of the month then it would be better that you request a cancellation before the 15th of that month via any method you want to use. You might not get refunded for the leftover days if you request plan cancellation during the middle of the month.

Terminate Covered California- FAQs

Does Covered California Automatically Renew?

The Covered California coverage automatically renews for most of the members and some must fill out the renewal form sent by them and return them back. Also, Medi-Cal members have to renew their coverage annually if they wish to continue with their plan’s healthcare benefits.

Can I Cancel Covered California Anytime?

Covered California requires about a 14-day advance notice to complete the procedure of your plan coverage cancellation, thus they recommend canceling the plan 15 days prior to the month’s end and if you do that earlier, you might not get refunded.

How To Cancel Covered California Medi-Cal?

If you want to cancel the Medi-Cal plan of Covered California, you will be required to call or visit your local county office and request the same. Provide them with your documents and other necessary details and they will guide you through the steps to cancel your coverage.

How Can I Contact Covered California Customer Service?

If you have queries related to your insurance plans or more then you can contact Covered California Customer Support by calling them at (800) 300-1506 and telling them about your situation. You can also chat with the representatives via the Live Chat feature on their website.

Wrap Up

Comparing insurance plans before purchasing one for you and your family is a must so that you get the best coverage and amazing benefits. Covered California can help you choose some affordable plans. However, if you do not want to continue using them then go through the methods we discussed above and cancel your Covered California coverage. Contact their Customer Support if you have more queries related to your coverage plans or their cancellation.

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