How To Cancel COBRA Insurance? Easy Techniques!!

How To Cancel COBRA Insurance? Easy Techniques!!

It seems like you found Cobra Insurance quite expensive, that’s why you want to cancel COBRA Insurance. If you have no idea about it, then here you will be guided on it properly. 

COBRA Insurance is a special and temporary health insurance policy that is assigned to workers and their families after their employer health insurance coverage ends or is lost. We can say it as an emergency insurance coverage. 

You can cancel your COBRA Insurance coverage by notifying your Plan Administrator about it in writing and asking them to cancel your coverage. 

How Much Is COBRA Insurance? Can You Cancel COBRA At Any Time?

The cost of COBRA Insurance can range between $400 to $700 per month/individual. Yes, you can cancel your COBRA Insurance at any time. Only the person who chooses the insurance plan can cancel the coverage. 

How To Cancel COBRA Insurance?

There could be so many reasons for canceling your COBRA Insurance. Maybe you find this coverage too expensive, find a better insurance provider, get a new job, or something else. 

Whatever the reason is, you can cancel your COBRA Insurance by informing your Plan Administrator in writing and requesting them to cancel your coverage. 

The Plan Administrator is someone who is responsible for providing you with the insurance plan and making your premium payments too. 

When you cancel your COBRA Insurance, your former employer will send you a confirmation letter of your insurance cancelation. 

How To Cancel COBRA Insurance Over The Phone?

You can also get assistance from their customer service team to cancel your COBRA insurance coverage. Call the COBRA customer care team at 1-877-262-7241 and ask them about the procedure to end your coverage. 

They will then guide you and make your cancellation. But, your final step is to ask for help from your plan administrator (as mentioned in the above heading). 

How To Cancel COBRA Insurance Via Live Chat?

How To Cancel COBRA Insurance? Easy Techniques- How To Cancel COBRA Insurance Via Live Chat?
  1. Go to the COBRA Insurance Website
  2. Click on the “Live Chat” button from the right side
  3. Select New Conversation
  4. Select I Need To Cancel COBRA 
  5. The agent will then guide you to cancel the insurance 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cancel COBRA And Get A Refund?

Yes, you can cancel COBRA Insurance by requesting to cancel the coverage to your Plan Administrator in writing. But, no refunds will be given after the termination of the coverage. 

When Can COBRA Be Extended To 36 Months?

A qualifying event can be extended to 36 months under these circumstances- Death of an old employer, Legal separation like Divorce of the former employer, or Child loss. 

How To Contact COBRA Customer Service?

You can contact the COBRA team by making a call to their customer support service number at 1-877-262-7241 or Live Chat. 


COBRA Insurance covers the health insurance of workers who need urgent insurance coverage. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot cancel this coverage, you are free to terminate the COBRA Policy at any time with the help of your Plan Administrator. You can also cancel Florida Blue Insurance.

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