How To Cancel Florida Blue Insurance? Easy Steps To Cancel

How To Cancel Florida Blue Insurance?

You have taken the Florida Blue health insurance policy, but after claiming it, you are not getting many benefits from it. So, you want to cancel Florida Blue Insurance. 

Florida Blue is a very popular health insurance company in Florida, which offers its customers a wide range of health insurance benefits so that people can use them for their medical conditions. 

You can cancel your Florida Blue Insurance coverage by getting the help of their customer support service team. A detailed explanation will be given later in this article. 

Can You Cancel Your Florida Blue Insurance?

Yes, you can cancel your Florida Blue Insurance coverage at any time. Before just cancelation, you have to keep in mind where you had taken your coverage. 

Because the cancelation method depends only on that where you had taken the coverage. 

How Do I Cancel Florida Blue Insurance Coverage?

  1. If you have taken your Florida Blue Insurance coverage via a job, then you have to get in contact with your HR officer employee for getting the details to end your insurance coverage. 
  1. If you have chosen your insurance coverage via the Federal Marketplace, then you need to reach out to the Marketplace team at 1-800-318-2595 for getting help with cancelation.
  1. If you have taken the coverage directly from Florida Blue, then you need to submit a Change Application Form to their team via fax at (904) 565-6082. Make sure your application form must be signed by the primary account holder. 
  1. You can also mail your Application form to this address: Florida Blue/Direct M&B, PO Box 45074, Jacksonville, FL 32232-5074
  1. Click on these links to get the Change Application Form: Change Application Non-HMO & Change Application HMO
  1. You can also get assistance from their customer service team by making a call at 1-800-FLA-BLUE (352-2583)

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel Florida Blue Insurance Online?

You can try to cancel your Florida Blue coverage online from your Florida Blue Account. But, the best way to cancel the coverage is by contacting the preferred team, as discussed above. 

How Can You Find The Best Florida Blue Plans?

Florida Blue team will choose the perfect plan for you, according to your requirements. To know about the plans, call the Florida Blue Center Team at 1-800-876-2227

How Do I Contact Florida Blue Customer Service?

In case of any trouble or assistance, you can contact their team by making a call to their customer service number at 1-800-FLA-BLUE (352-2583) or you can check out their Contact Page for more contact information for different categories. 


However, it may happen that up to a certain point, Florida Blue Insurance coverage has provided you with a great deal of benefits. But, now as time passes, their benefits are getting less and your coverage is getting old. 

That’s why, you decided to end up your Florida Blue Coverage and want to go with the new health insurance plan. 

We hope that our explained cancelation steps will surely help you. You can also cancel Chubb Insurance.

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