How To Cancel Ollie Subscription? 3 Ways To Cancel!!

How To Cancel Ollie Subscription? 3 Ways To Cancel!!

It seems like Ollie’s food does not suit your dog or they don’t like the taste of the food. Well!! Whatever the reason is, you are here because you want to cancel Ollie Subscription. 

Ollie is a subscription-based service that provides healthy food for your dog’s belly. It promises its customers to provide healthy and safe meals to your pet. You can definitely rely on their food products. 

You can cancel your Ollie Subscription at any time on your own from the My Info section of your Ollie Account. 

If a person gets any issues while canceling online, we have some other ways to cancel the subscription that will be discussed later in this article. 

How Does The Ollie Subscription Work?

You can choose a subscription box for yourself according to your pet. Its starter box includes the following items- Delicious Food, Feeding Guide, Scoop, and Puptainer. 

As you select your box, your Ollie box will be delivered to you after the scheduled date. You will get the scheduled delivery of these boxes until you cancel the subscription. 

How To Cancel Ollie Subscription? Turn Off Auto Renew!!

Before getting into the steps for canceling your subscription, make sure that you log into your Ollie Account. 

How To Cancel Ollie Subscription? 3 Ways To Cancel- How To Cancel Ollie Subscription? Turn Off Auto Renew!!

Then, follow these steps to cancel the Ollie Subscription. 

  1. From the top of the screen, tap on My Info
  2. Click on My Subscriptions by scrolling down 
  3. Click on the Cancel Subscription from the right side of your dog name
  4. If you have multiple dog accounts, then you have to cancel your subscription individually
  5. With this, your future deliveries will be stopped, but you will receive the delivery of the order that was already placed. 

How To Cancel Ollie Subscription Via Email

Apart from online cancellations, you can also cancel your Ollie Subscription by sending an Email to their support team at [email protected] and submitting your request to cancel the subscription. 

How To Cancel Ollie Subscription Over The Phone?

You can also submit your subscription cancelation request by contacting their team at Ollie customer service phone number 844-88-OLLIE(65543) and ask their team member on a call to cancel the subscription. 

You can also send a simple text message to this number 844-88-OLLIE(65543) to stop your future Ollie subscription box deliveries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get An Ollie Refund After Canceling The Subscription?

If any fees have been charged to you before the effective date of your cancelation, they will not be refunded. 

Can I Order Ollie Without Subscribing?

No, you can not order Ollie items without a subscription. Currently, Ollie is a subscription-based service and can only deliver subscription boxes to its customers. 

Can I Still Make Changes To My Subscription Or Delivery Dates?

Yes, you can update your Ollie Subscription or delivery dates by logging into your Ollie Account. Within your account, you can change or skip your deliveries under the Manage Subscription section. 

How To Contact Ollie Dog Food Customer Service?

You have two ways to get in touch with the Ollie customer service team-  844-88-65543 (Phone or Text) and [email protected] (Email). 


Finally, we have reached its conclusion and you better know how to cancel Ollie’s Subscription now. You can reach out to their service team at any time and the Canine Care team will feel happy to help you.

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