How To Cancel Everyone Active Membership? 2 Ways That Work!

Cancel Everyone Active Membership

As there are a lot of gym franchises available out there, you should definitely try out the other options rather than sticking to just one every when you feel that you are not satisfied with it. So, if you are currently registered with Everyone Active gym and want to cancel your membership, then we can help you with this. 

More than 3 million people are currently signed up for different Everyone Active gyms in the United Kingdom. This vast network of gym and recreation facilities is being used by so many people and most of them are also happy with its facilities, but it doesn’t suit everyone as all are different. 

To cancel your Everyone Active membership, you can either fill out the inquiry form on their website or simply visit their outlet in person and provide a cancelation letter to their customer service representative at their help desk and they will cancel the membership for you. 

We know that you are still confused and need a little more information related to the cancelation procedure for your Everyone Active membership, so, you can just read further and get all the details. 

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How To Cancel Everyone Active Membership?

There are two ways in which your membership to Everyone Active can be terminated, one requires you to fill out an inquiry form while the other requires you to provide them a letter in person. We are going to discuss both methods in detail right below and then you can decide which one of them is more convenient for you.

How To Cancel Everyone Active Membership In Person?

If your local Everyone Active gym is nearby your residential area, then you can cancel your membership to it by visiting the gym in person. But, before that, you will need to write a letter for cancelation mentioning your membership details along with the cancelation request. 

Once your letter is ready, you can head to your local Everyone Active gym and submit the letter at the customer service desk while you have your activity session. Their customer support representative will probably ask you a few questions regarding your decision for ending up your membership and they will also persuade you to keep going, so be prepared for that and politely inform whatever suitable reason you have. 

Then, they will process your cancelation request and your membership shall be terminated for your upcoming billing period. 

How To Cancel Everyone Active Membership Online?

If you think that visiting your Everyone Active gym in person is not feasible for you for the time being but you also want to cancel your membership to it as soon as possible, then you can do this with the help of an inquiry form. 

You will need to visit the official website of Everyone Active on your device. Head to the inquiry page of Everyone Active and choose “Cancel Membership” as per your request. 

Select the “I’d like to submit an inquiry” option from there as you are going to request the cancelation of your membership. Then, you have to write in your request including all the necessary details related to your personal information, contact details, as well as your membership details. Then, submit your request and wait for a while. 

As soon as the customer support team of Everyone Active checks your request, a representative will be assigned to you with all the information.

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Is There Any Cancelation Fee For Everyone Active?

No, there is no cancelation fee charged to the members of Everyone Active who want to terminate their membership. Just remember that you need to cancel your membership in time, or else you might be charged for the next billing period too. 

How To Contact Everyone Active Customer Support?

If you have any issues or queries related to your membership to the Everyone Active gym, you can simply reach out to their customer support and discuss the matter with them. 

For this, you have a few options. 

1. You can fill out an inquiry form on the official website of Everyone Active where you can choose the matter you want to connect to them for and submit your request. A representative will respond to you accordingly to resolve your issue. 

2. You can send an email to the official press department of Everyone Active by sending it to the address [email protected] and their customer support will soon reach out to you once they check your email. 

3. You also have the option to send a letter to the postal address of Everyone Active, which is, 2 Watling Drive, Sketchley Meadows, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 3EY. 

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Wrapping Up

We hope that you were successful in canceling your membership to Everyone Active in time and didn’t have to pay for another month which you don’t want to go with. Remember that if you want to cancel the membership immediately, you should go for visiting your local gym in person as that way you can have the membership canceled right away. 

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