How To Cancel JD Gym Membership? Check These Methods!!

Cancel JD Gym Membership

If you have purchased a JD Gym membership but are unable to attend due to a busy schedule, you should cancel it immediately to avoid wasting your money. Follow this article to get to know about how to cancel Jd Gym Membership. 

Jd Gyms has locations all over the United Kingdom. Their employees were free to come and go as frequently as their customers.

It is not uncommon for members to resign from their organizations due to different reasons. But some people are finding ways to cancel their Jd Gym Membership. Let’s find out its procedure.

You can cancel your Jd Gym Membership by submitting the cancelation form to their team. Other ways to cancel membership include- via phone call or email.

Can You Cancel Your JD Gym Membership?

Yes, you can cancel your Jd Gym Membership by giving your cancelation notice before 30 days. 

How To Cancel JD Gym Membership Via Contact Form?

How To Cancel JD Gym Membership- How To Cancel JD Gym Membership Via Contact Form?

To cancel your Jd Gym Membership, you need to fill out the cancelation form from its website. 

  • Click here for the membership form.
  • Select “Cancelation” from the drop-down menu for the “Type of Inquiry” section
  • Fill in all the required details in the form 
  • Hit the “Submit” button
  • Wait for their team member to call or email you to cancel your membership. 

Your cancelation process can take up to 30 days to fully complete your Jd Membership with your final payment collected via Direct Debit. Jd Gyms does not request you cancel your Direct Debit. 

How To Downgrade JD Gym Membership By Calling?

You can downgrade your Jd Gym Plus Membership to a standard membership by calling their customer service team. Follow these steps for that-

  • Call on 01942914914.
  • The call is answered by one of their team representatives
  • You have to tell them to cancel your membership 
  • You will then provide them with your account and membership information 
  • After some time, your cancelation process will be completed

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How To Cancel Jd Gym Membership Via Email?

If you don’t like to talk with their team directly over a phone call, then you can email them to submit your membership cancelation request. 

You just need to write a clean email with the proper and required information related to your gym membership and in the body of the email, you need to clearly mention that “You want to cancel your Gym Membership”.

Send that composed email to [email protected]. You will get a response from them within a few days regarding your membership cancelation. 

How To Freeze JD Gym Membership?

How To Cancel JD Gym Membership- How To Freeze JD Gym Membership?

If you don’t want to cancel your membership, then you have the option to freeze it for up to 3 months in any 6-month period. You can freeze your membership at any time free of cost.

When you are done with your freezing process, your membership will be paused up to the required time and you can resume your service or membership at any time. 

Make sure that you provide a 14-day notice before freezing the membership. Follow these steps to freeze the membership-

  • JD Gym freezing form.
  • Select “Request a Freeze” from the drop-down menu in the “Type of Inquiry” section
  • Fill in all the required details
  • Hit the “Submit” button

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund For Your Jd Gym Membership?

Yes, JD Gyms will refund you your joining fee as well as your other membership fee services, if you cancel the JD Gym Membership within the Cancellation Period (within 14 days of starting the membership).

How To Contact JD Gyms Customer Service?

You can contact the JD Gyms customer service team by sending your queries via this Contact Form or by contacting them at 01942914914. Send a DM to their team on Twitter at @JDGYMS 


We understand that you have taken a JD Gym membership at a very low cost because these are the only gyms that provide premium service membership at a low cost.

But if you are not using the service properly, then what is the point of wasting even a low amount of money? Right?

So, the best idea for you is to cancel your membership immediately or you can opt to pause it also. Don’t forget to send them a 30-day notice prior to canceling.

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