Can’t Cancel NFL Game Pass Subscription- Easy Cancellation Ways!

can't cancel NFL game pass subscription

It is easy to cancel your NFL Game Pass Subscription and you can complete the procedure online in just a few steps. But if you fail to cancel your NFL Game Pass subscription then it is time to take some different measures and we can give you the related suggestions. 

If you are obsessed with the National Football League then the NFL Game Pass can give you access to all the entertainment. With the NFL Game Pass, you can get access to preseason, NFL regular season, Playoffs, and even Super Bowl, Live.

You can cancel your NFL Game Pass online by signing in to your NFL account and removing auto-renewal. However, if the mode doesn’t work, you can request the source authority to remove the recurring payments. 

How To Cancel NFL Game Pass Subscription?

It is easy to cancel your NFL Game Pass subscription and you can do so online from your NFL account. 

1. First, you will have to use your credentials to sign in to the NFL Game Pass account. 

2. You must now navigate to the Subscriptions section on your NFL account page. 

3. Choose the Subscription you wish to cancel and you will see an auto-renew option next to it. 

4. Uncheck the Subscription Auto-renew option on the page. 

5. Now hit the Update button and all the changes you made will be saved. 

Can’t Cancel NFL Game Pass Subscription- Other Ways For Cancellation

Following the cancellation steps discussed above will help you cancel your Game Pass subscription to NFL. However, even after following the cancellation steps, if you are unable to complete the cancellation, then you can try other options. 

1. You can first contact the NFL Game Pass Customer Support and tell them about your problem. 

2. Submit your Request to NFL Game Pass Support team in detail here and they will get back to you with the relevant solutions. 

3. However, even after contacting Support you are unable to cancel your NFL Game Pass then the only option left with you is to stop your payments to NFL Game Pass. 

4. For that you can contact your card provider or your bank and request them to stop the payments. You must speak to a representative for complete support. 

5. If you want, you can also send a message to NFL Game Pass and inform them of the cancellation. 

Can’t Cancel NFL Game Pass Subscription- FAQs

Why Can’t I Access My NFL Game Pass Subscription?

If you are unable to get access to your NFL Game Pass subscription then you may check your connection first and ensure that you are properly connected to the internet. 

Sometimes there can be problems with the platform so you can try logging out and signing in again. 

If your problem persists and you are unable to get access even now then you can contact NFL Customer Support and submit a request accordingly. 

Does NFL Game Pass Automatically Renew?

If you have set the auto-renewal feature for your Game Pass subscription for each year then of course, your NFL Game Pass auto-renew will carry on. You will have to cancel auto-renew for your subscription cancellation. 

How Can I Contact NFL Game Pass Support Team?

Having issues with the NFL Game Pass subscription? Well, in that case, you can contact the NFL Game Pass Support team by submitting your request form. 

Visit the NFL Submit Request page and mention your request and provide it to them. 

Wrap Up

NFL Game Pass can be an amazing choice for football admirers but if you are not a huge fan or do not require the subscription anymore for whatever reason then do go through the above Game Pass Subscription cancellation steps. 

But if you tried these steps and are still unable to cancel it then we have also suggested some other cancellation methods that you can try. You can get answers to your other queries by contacting NFL Game Pass Customer Support. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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