How To Cancel AP Score In 3 Ways?

How To Cancel AP Score In 3 Ways?

If you believe that your AP exam hadn’t given you results good enough for your favorite college admission then it is okay to cancel your AP score and give the exam again. But, you need to make sure that it is canceled before being sent to colleges, so, let’s make that happen. 

AP exams are necessary for those who want to go to their ideal colleges and the good thing is that it is on students if they wish to cancel their AP scores and then regive the exams and do better the next time. 

To cancel your AP score, you can go to the official website of the College Board and log in to your account. In the Scores tab, you can choose which AP score you would like to cancel and then follow up as required. 

To understand in detail all the possible methods by which you can have your AP scores canceled, you should continue reading this article.  

How To Cancel AP Score?  

There are certainly ways in which your AP scores can be canceled and we are going to explain each of the methods right below so that you can choose whichever you are comfortable with. 

How To Cancel AP Scores Online?

You can have your AP scores canceled online through your college board account and here are the steps for the same. 

1. Head to the College Board website on your web browser.

2. Log in to your account where you wish to cancel your AP scores. 

3. You have to move to the “My AP” tab on the screen. 

4. Here, you have to select the “Scores” menu.

5. You will see your AP scores here and next to them will be the “Cancel Scores” option.

6. Click on the “Cancel Scores” button right next to the score that you wish to cancel. 

7. Follow up as directed and your particular AP score shall be canceled.  

How To Cancel AP Scores Via Mail?

If you do not wish to cancel your AP scores manually, then you can also make a mail request for the same. 

For this, you will be first required to download the AP score cancelation form. You can easily find this form right on the College Board website.

Once you download it, you need to fill out the form carefully and then you need to mail the form to the address which is already mentioned right on the form. 

Once you are done with this, just wait for an affirmative response on the successful cancelation of your AP score/s.

How To Cancel AP Scores By Fax?

You can also use the faxing option for requesting the cancelation of your AP scores for which, again, you will need to download the cancelation form from the website of College Board. 

Once you have filled out the form properly, then you can fax it to the number which has been mentioned on the form itself. 

How To Withhold AP Scores?

Here is what you can do if you just want to withhold your AP scores from the colleges for the time being even if they are already sent. 

1. Head to the official website of the College Board on your browser.

2. You have to download the Withholding Form from there. 

3. Fill out the form with the correct information with signatures. 

4. Finally, mail the form to the address mentioned below. 

College Board 

AP Services for Students

P.O. Box 6600

Princeton, NJ 08541-6600

Remember that you will be charged $10 for each score per college or per scholarship program. Once you are done with making the request and payment, you can expect that your request shall be processed within the coming 15 business days. 


Can You Cancel Your AP Scores Once They Are Sent To Colleges?

No, once your AP scores have been sent to the colleges, you will not be able to cancel them. The only thing that you need to do is withhold your scores from those colleges, that is, you can stop colleges from seeing your scores even after sending them. 

What Happens When You Cancel Your AP Scores?

Once you have canceled your AP scores from the College Board, the scores will be permanently deleted and you will not get it back in the records. 

How Long Does It Take To Cancel AP Score?

Once you have sent a cancelation request for your AP scores, you will have to wait up to 15 days after that. Within this period, the college board will process your request and your AP scores shall be deleted.   

Can You Cancel AP Test Before Taking It?

Yes, you are allowed to cancel your AP Test before you take it and this can be done either online on your College Board website account, or you can also send a cancelation request via mail or fax. 

Wrapping Up

We guess that was all that you needed for now and it would be easy for you to request the cancelation of your AP Scores easily, if you find any trouble with the process, however, then feel free to inform us via comments so we can help you out.

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