How To Cancel My Westgate Travel Club Membership?

cancel my westgate travel club membership

If you purchased a membership to Westgate Travel Club but aren’t much happy with the services or have actually found a better option for the same service then you should cancel Westgate Travel Club by following the steps as we say.  

Westgate Travel Club provides members with flexible vacation options that are specially designed according to the customers’ requirements and offer world-class accommodations. However, some even claimed that Westgate Travel Club is a scam. 

You will be able to cancel your Westgate Travel Club membership by either submitting the cancellation request to their address or by calling their Customer Support department. 

How To Cancel My Westgate Travel Club Membership?

Westgate offers a limited time for members to cancel their club membership and the cancellation request must be made within the 10 business days time period after the purchase. Cancellation might not be accepted later than that date. 

Cancellation Request Via Mail

1. You can write a membership cancellation letter and send it to Westgate to cancel your membership plan. 

2. In the letter, write down your membership details, personal information, and also other needed details. You may even give a reason for cancellation if you want. 

3. After writing the mail, you can send it to Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection (7720 North Dobson Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85256). 

4. Do request a cancellation confirmation mail or email. 

Cancellation Request Via Phone Call

1. Another way you can request cancellation from Westgate Travel Club is by contacting them via phone call. 

2. Members can dial the Westgate Travel Club Customer Support number (800) 572-6169 and this will connect them to a representative.

3. Tell them that you want to cancel your Westgate Travel Club membership and they may ask you for a reason for the same. 

4. Give your membership details, your personal information, and all the details they ask for and they will help you with cancellation. 

Cancel Westgate Travel Club Membership- FAQs

How Can I Get A Refund From Westgate Travel?

To request Westgate for a refund, you must write down your request and send it to Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection (7720 North Dobson Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85256). Members can also call them at (800) 572-6169. 

However, you must be aware that they will only provide a refund if you send the request to them within 10 business days from the date of your purchase. 

What Is The Toll-Free Number For Westgate Cruise And Travel?

The toll-free number for Westgate Cruise and Travel is 1-800-875-1817 and you can dial this number to get the required information or to get a query solution. 

This contact will get you in touch with a representative who will further help you with it. 

What Happens If You Stop Paying Westgate?

If the members are unable to maintain their payment schedule on the timeshare or they stop making payments for the timeshare loan then there are high chances that they may face foreclosure. 

Foreclosure may also occur if the members stop paying their maintenance fees. Even if they have paid off their timeshare loan, failure to pay the maintenance fee can also lead to foreclosure. 

How Can I Contact Westgate Travel Club Customer Service?

There are different ways to contact Westgate Travel Club and it can be done via phone call or email or also through mail to the company address. 

You can either dial the Customer Service contact numbers (800)-875-1817 or (407) 355-1215 or you can send an email to [email protected]. You can get all the contact details on the Westgate Travel Club Customer Service page. 

Wrap Up

If Westgate Travel Club didn’t provide you with the services you opted for or you are unhappy with what you received then membership cancellation is possible by following the steps discussed above. You can also contact Westgate Customer Service for a refund or help. 

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