How To Cancel Zoho? 7 Easy Steps To Cancel!

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There are numerous things to be considered while you are in a business and several departments are maintained that have their own specific functions. What if all those different departments are handled on a single platform? Here enters Zoho with its services. But if you tried working with Zoho and are not much satisfied then you can cancel it easily. 

The Indian technology company Zoho Corporation creates business tools and computer software, helping a person to work out all his business on a single platform. It is popular for its Zoho Office Suit that it offers to its users. You can run and maintain your sales, finances, customer support, and more with Zoho. 

To cancel Zoho, you will first have to sign in to your Zoho One account and go to your account icon at the right of the screen page. You can also cancel your Zoho Trial from the official website if you don’t need a subscription. 

How Can I Cancel Zoho?

You can easily cancel your Zoho subscription from its official website or downgrade your plan as you wish. 

1. You will first have to sign in to the Zoho One page and then switch to the Admin View

2. At the top-right of the screen page, hit the account icon and this will reveal more options on the page. 

3. Now go to the Settings section and then under the Organisation section, choose Subscription

4. You will see your subscription details there, now click on the Manage button next to it. 

5. You can click the Cancel Subscription button next to Subscription Details if you have  Flexible User Pricing

6. Also, if you have the All Employee Pricing, you will have to hit the Change Plan option, next to the Subscription Details and then select Cancel Subscription

7. You will have to give a reason for your subscription cancellation and when you are done, click CONFIRM DOWNGRADE

Does Zoho Have A Free Trial? How To Cancel Zoho Free Trial?

Yes, Zoho does provide a free trial to the users and it can range from 10 days, 14 days, 15 days, to 30 days, depending on the specific service you require. During this trial period, you can go through the features and services of the subscription plan and then decide to either keep the subscription or terminate the trial. You can cancel your Zoho Trial if you don’t want to pay for the paid subscription. 

1. Use your credentials to Sign in to your Zoho One account. 

2. At the top right of the screen page, click on the account icon and you will see several options in the Sidebar. 

3. Under the Subscription section, hit the Cancel Trial option. You will have to give your Account password and also a reason for your account termination

4. Now click on the Cancel My Zoho One Account option and you are done. 

How Do I Delete My Zoho Domain Account?

You can also delete your Zoho Domain account if you want. However, this will also ensure that the email addressed and other group aliases that are already associated with the domain will not receive further emails. 

1. Directly go to the Zoho One page and then Sign in to your account. 

2. From the options provided in the menu on the left of the screen page, click on the Directory option. 

3. Now go to the Domains option and there, select the Domain that you wish to delete. 

4. Click the three dots icon and then select Delete. Again, click Yes, Delete and you are done. 

Cancel Zoho- FAQs

What Is Zoho Refund Policy?

According to Zoho’s Refund policy, you can get a complete refund for your purchases if the services do not satisfy you. They will degrade your current subscription to a free plan. You can contact their Customer Service department and request a refund. If you have other payment-related questions, you can send an email to [email protected]

What Is Zoho Customer Portal?

A Zoho Customer Portal is a kind of self-service portal that can be used by customers to pay their invoices, manage all their subscriptions and plans, update their accounts or other information, and more. If you wish to create or enable a Zoho Customer Portal then you can visit their Customer Portal page and see the details there. 

How Can I Contact Zoho Customer Service?

For your queries related to the services provided by Zoho, you can contact their Customer Support department by dialing their help number 1 (888) 900-9646. You can also visit the Zoho Contact Us page for region-specific contact numbers. 

Wrap Up

Zoho is an old management platform where people can manage all important aspects of their business. However, if the services are not up to the mark as per your needs or you have a different reason for termination then you can easily cancel Zoho by following the above-mentioned steps. Get in touch with their Customer Service department for more details. You can also cancel Todoist.

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