How To Cancel Slack? Easy Cancellation In 7 Steps!

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The common way used to communicate at workplaces are via email where teams contact the members and put forward their concerns accordingly. Slack presented a new communication mode by creating a messaging platform for the same. But if you are already a user of the service and are not much satisfied then you can easily cancel it as you wish.

Slack Technologies created an instant messaging platform with the aim that it would be a great option for professionals, teams, or organizations to communicate. Today, it is also being used as a community platform. The communication can be video/voice calls, texts, media communications, and more. 

To cancel your current Slack subscription, you will have to go to the Settings and Administration section and then go to Billing for further cancelation. If you wish, you can also completely deactivate your Slack account. Keep reading to get detailed steps for subscription cancelation. 

How Can I Cancel Slack? Downgrade Slack Plan

You can easily cancel your Slack subscription or downgrade your plan from their official web page. 

1. Visit the official web page of Slack and use your credentials to sign in to your account.

2. At the very top left of the screen page, you will see your workplace name, click it. 

3. Now navigate to the Settings and Administration section and then select Billing from the available options. 

4. From the Overview tab, you can select the Change Plan option. 

5. There, you will see the option to either immediately switch to the Slack free plan or select it after the current plan renews. 

6. Now hit the Preview Changes option and confirm the changes you made by going to the bottom of the page and checking the box there. 

7. You will now see the Downgrade Slack plan option, click it and you are done. 

How To Deactivate Slack?

You also have the option to deactivate your Slack account if you have no plans to use it again. 

1. Once you have entered the website, click on the profile picture you see at the top right of the screen.

2. Now from the Menu that appears on the page, select Profile.

3. Hit More and then choose the Account Settings option. 

4. This will open a new page, scroll down to the Deactivate Account section and then click the Deactivate Your Account button. 

5. You will be required to enter your password and when you are done, click the Confirm Password button. 

6. You will be asked for confirmation so do click Yes, Deactivate my account and then confirm the procedure. 

Cancel Slack- FAQs

How Do I Cancel My Slack Free Trial?

With Slack, you can get a free trial for up to 90 days. And if you want to cancel the free plan, you will have to go to the Billing Page of your workspace and then from the Settings tab, you will see an option to uncheck a box next to the plan. Confirm the procedure and you are done. 

What Happens When You Deactivate Slack Account?

When you deactivate someone’s Slack account, they won’t be notified of it. Even their messages and files will remain as it is. Deactivating the account will remove them from all the channels and they would be signed out from the workspace in any of the devices and no longer will be able to sign in back to their account. 

Why Is My Slack Account Deactivated?

If you are unable to sign in to your Slack account then it is because someone deactivated your account for some reason. You can speak to your workspace admin or other members and request them to reactivate your account. 

How Can I Contact Slack Customer Service?

If you are facing problems using Slack platform and services or have queries related to your subscription or more then you can get in touch with their Customer Service team for help. You can visit the Slack Contact page and send them a message for your query. 

Wrap Up

Slack provides a unique communication method for team members a workspace where they can talk using various available modes. However, if you tried using Slack and are not a huge fan of the platform then you must cancel your subscription or even delete your account. Follow the steps mentioned above in detail and terminate the service. Slack’s Customer Support department will help you with related queries. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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