How To Cancel Top Hat Account Membership?

How To Cancel Top Hat Account Membership?

Did you purchase the Top Hat services for an amazing and meaningful learning experience? Well, it seems that either you have learned already and thus don’t require the services anymore or you may have not found the services to be that effective. No worries, whatever your reason is, we will show you how to cancel it. 

The Software company Top Hat provides a Courseware Platform where educators get connected to the students and help them learn better. Their customizable textbooks and interactive response tools are game changers for such an educational and course platform. 

Users will be able to cancel Top Hat by sending them an email or by filling out and submitting the Contact Support form. Just provide all the details they may require and cancel the services easily. 

How To Cancel Top Hat?

If you are done with Top Hat services for whatever reason then you should probably cancel it for good. You may cancel Top Hat via email or by submitting a form with all the details to their Support team. 

Cancel Top Hat Via Contact Support Form

1. To submit a request through a support form, you must go to the Top Hat Contact Support page. 

2. First, provide the Subject of your request and choose your status next to the I use Top Hat as option. 

3. Now provide your email and also your Join Code. You may then select the Product Area from the available options. 

4. Give a description of your request and when you are done, submit the form. It may take them 2-3 weeks to process your request. 

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Cancel Top Hat Via Email

1. Users are also allowed to cancel their Top Hat services by sending an email to the company. 

2. First open the email application on your device and use Cancel Top Hat as your title. 

3. Now give your personal details, your account information, and also service details in the later part as you request cancellation. 

4. You may ask for a service cancellation confirmation message if you need to keep one for proof. 

5. Send the composed email to [email protected] and they will get back to you. 

Cancel Top Hat- FAQs

Does Top Hat Give Refunds?

Users are eligible to request a refund for a Top Hat product for about 14 days after they have purchased it. Soon as they get a refund, their access to the products and services will be terminated. You can visit this Top Hat page for more refund details. 

Is Top Hat A One-Time Purchase?

Top Hat offers about three purchase options to the students. The 4-month subscription charges $33, and the 12-month subscription costs $53. There is also a 4-year subscription plan that costs about $96. You can get more pricing-related details from Top Hat’s official page. 

Where Is The Top Hat Account Settings?

If you need to navigate to your Top Hat account information then you must click on your name and you can find it in the upper right corner. Then, choose the Account Settings option from the drop-down menu there. 

How Can I Contact Top Hat Customer Support?

The Customer Service number of Top Hat is 1 (888) 663-5491. You may dial this service number and speak to a representative from there. Do visit the Top Hat Contact Us page for more contact details. 

Wrap Up

Top Hat is a learning platform that lets learners and educators connect and collab for effective and meaningful learning. But if your course is completed or you have to drop out early then you should cancel the service by following the steps discussed above in detail. You can also get connected to Top Hat Customer Support for more contact details. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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