How To Cancel Wowcher Vip Membership?

Cancel Wowcher Vip

Wanna make your Valentine’s Day more special with some romantic and awesome gifts? Then, it’s time for you to purchase gifts from Wowcher. If you are already their customer, then you must have been going through their gifts list. If you are not, then you need to check them out now. 

Wowcher has recently begun including its premium “Wowcher VIP” service in shoppers’ baskets whenever they are making any kind of purchase, but there are many customers who unknowingly purchased this service without any knowledge. They now want to cancel their Wowcher VIP service. For this, you will surely need to read this article. 

You can cancel your Wowcher VIP Membership by easily getting in touch with Wowcher Customer Support Team via Live Chat, Whats App, Twitter, or Facebook and asking them to cancel your Membership. 

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Wowcher VIP Membership- What Is Its Cost?

What is included in Wowcher VIP Membership? Well!! By purchasing a Wowcher VIP card and becoming a member, you will be entitled to these benefits:

  • You will be given priority to our customer services such as Live Chat, Whats App, and email.
  • Exclusive access to deals, promo codes, and credit offers.

The service benefits that Wowcher VIP Members get are subject to change. Wowcher reserves the right to substitute any feature offered with their VIP Membership at its sole discretion. 

How much does a VIP Membership cost? You can get the membership of Wowcher VIP for only $4.99 per year by making the use of check box which is available at the time of purchase. 

Can You Cancel Your Wowcher VIP Membership?

Yes, you have the right to cancel your Wowcher VIP Membership within 14 days of signing up for it without any reason. If you can cancel within the period of 14 days, then you will get your full refund from them otherwise there are fewer chances of getting back your refund. 

How To Cancel Wowcher VIP Membership?

As previously said, you can cancel your Wowcher VIP Membership at any time. But, it is recommended to cancel it within 14 days cooling off period, in order to get back your full refund. 

How to cancel Wowcher VIP? Well!! There is no particular or unique way to cancel your Wowcher VIP subscription, you can cancel it easily by just getting in touch with the Wowcher Customer Service team with any method and asking them to cancel your VIP Membership. 

These are some of the ways to get in touch with the Wowcher Customer Support Service Team to cancel your Wowcher VIP Membership:

Cancel Wowcher VIP Via Live Chat

If you need help with any of your Wowcher orders or want to cancel your Wowcher VIP, then you can live chat with one of their team representatives and ask them to cancel your VIP Membership. To start with your live chat, click on this link Live Chat representatives are available between 8.00 AM to 5.30 PM from Monday to Friday

Cancel Wowcher VIP Via Twitter

You can also contact their customer service team by asking your query via Twitter or Facebook. To ask them your query about canceling your VIP Membership you need to tag @Wowcher_Support in your Tweet. Here is their Twitter Account. They can give reply to your tweet at any time between 8.00 AM to 4.30 PM from Monday to Friday. 

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Cancel Wowcher VIP Via Facebook

If you don’t have a Twitter Account, then you can message your query to them on Facebook also. Almost everyone has Facebook Account. Go to Wowcher’s Facebook Support Page and tap on the “Send Message” button and ask your query about canceling Wowcher VIP and send them to their team between 8.00 AM to 4.30 PM from Monday to Friday. 

Cancel Wowcher VIP Via Whats App

You can also chat with one of their team representatives directly through the Whats App and ask them to cancel your Wowcher VIP Membership. You can get their whats app link from their website or you can click on this link and chat with their team on Whats App. 

Can You Get Your Refund From Wowcher VIP Membership?

Yes, the only way to get back your refund from Wowcher VIP is if you cancel your Wowcher VIP Membership within 14 days of the cooling off period, but you will not get any refund from them. Your refund will automatically be processed at the time of your cancelation and you will get your refund back within 14 days by the same payment mode that you used to purchase your Wowcher VIP Membership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wowcher VIP Automatically Renew?

No, Wowcher VIP does not automatically renew. This is one payment system and can be purchased next time if you want to use it again. 

How To Cancel Wowcher Order?

Yes, you can cancel your Wowcher Order. You just need to contact their Customer Service to do so and within 24 hours you will be processed with your cancelation. 

How Do I Speak To Someone At Wowcher?

By calling on their customer support service team at 0203 637 3737.


Many customers accidentally take Wowcher VIP Membership by considering it free but when they start charging from it, they just want to cancel it immediately but do not find any proper way to do so. If that’s the case with you, then we must tell you as mentioned above in this article, there is no special method to cancel your VIP Membership with Wowcher. Just from Wowcher Customer Support Team, you can easily be able to do so.  

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