How To Cancel RAC Membership? Is There A Cancellation Fee?

Cancel RAC Membership

If you think that you no longer need your membership to RAC due to whatever possible reason, you can cancel its services without any trouble with the help of our guide on the same. So, if you want to save your money for the next installment of your RAC membership, then keep reading.

With a membership to the services of RAC, one gets access to a variety of driving products as well as services. Along with this, the cars of the members are also covered for breakdowns. In other words, you are provided with car insurance if you are a member of RAC. Through this membership, you can save a lot on the maintenance of your car. 

To cancel your RAC membership, you have to contact the customer support of RAC by dialing their official phone number and then ask them to terminate your membership to RAC. You will need to provide them with all the important details related to your RAC membership and request them to terminate the membership. They will process your request and cancel it for you.

Continue reading if you want to know further in detail about your RAC membership along with the entire process of its cancelation in detail.  

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How To Cancel RAC Membership?

If you are finally sure that you do not want to continue your membership to RAC, then you will be required to contact their customer service. 

Just dial the number 0330 159 0739 on your phone and you will be connected to the customer support representative of RAC who you can talk to and request to cancel your membership to their services. 

They will probably ask you why you want to terminate your membership and will try their best to convince you to keep it, so be ready with a strong reason. Then provide them with all the necessary personal details along with your membership details so that they can easily process your cancelation request. 

Remember that you can cancel your purchase of this RAC membership in the UK if it has not been more than 14 days since you subscribed for it as per the consumer contract regulations act with which the members get a fourteen-day cooling off period. 

If you have a RAC membership and cancel it within the first fourteen days of signing the agreement, then you will also be eligible for a full refund on successful cancelation of your membership in time. 

However, if you cancel the membership after 14 days, no refund is going to be provided to you. 

Moreover, if you have a breakdown cover to RAC, you can cancel it too either within the first 14 days of purchasing the cover, on the day when you receive your policy booklet, or on the upcoming renewal date of your breakdown cover.

Is There A Cancelation Fee For RAC?

If you want to cancel your RAC membership within the first fourteen days of signing up for it, then you will also be required to pay an amount of 25 pounds as a cancelation fee. 

However, if you are going to cancel your RAC membership after 14 days of registering to it, then an amount of 55 pounds will be charged to you in the form of a cancelation fee. 

How Do I Cancel My RAC Payment?

If you want to stop the auto-payment feature for your RAC policy, then you can make these changes in the official RAC Auto app on your device to the auto-pay feature. You can also go to the payment portal of RAC to cancel your auto payment. 

Alternatively, if you are confused with the manual procedure, you can also directly call their customer service by dialing the number 877-722-7299 and asking them to cancel it. 

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FAQs – RAC Membership

What Is RAC Membership Fee?

If you sign up for a RAC membership, then you will be required to pay an annual fee of $144 for a year. Since the amount is quite a lot, you have to be sure whether or not you need this membership, and if you do not need it, then you should immediately cancel the membership within the first fourteen days of registering to get a refund for it. 

What Are The Best Alternatives To RAC?

Since you are planning to cancel your RAC membership, you might also be looking for a much better alternative. And if that is the case, some of the great options for you include GEM Motoring Assist, QDOS Breakdown, and AA. 

Wrapping Up

With this, we are concluding our article on how your membership to RAC can be terminated and hope that you have been successful in canceling it on time to be eligible for the desirable refund. If there is any other policy that you have taken up and do not feel the need to continue, then you can cancel it too with our assistance, all you have to do is let us know in the comments so that we can help you with it.

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