How To Cancel WOW Internet And Get A Refund?

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If you are facing any interruptions in your internet service or any other issues with your subscription to WOW Internet then you might be wanting to switch to another company. For that, you will first need to cancel your WOW internet. 

WOW, or Wide Open West is a great company for phone, cable, and internet services available in about even states, but, there can be certain times when you might want to stop using one of all of its services.

To cancel your WOW Internet, you need to contact their customer support team via phone call and make a cancelation request. Provide them with the information they ask for and they will cancel the service for you. 

There is a lot more that you need to know about WOW Internet and its cancelation procedure, eligibility, as well as charges, so continue reading this article. 

How To Cancel WOW Internet?

Currently, there is only one way in which your subscription to WOW internet can be terminated and that is by reaching out to the customer support team of WOW.

For this, you will be required to first dial the number 1 866 496 9669 on your phone which is the customer service number of WOW internet 

You shall be connected with one of their customer support representatives who you can have a conversation with, and make your request for the termination of your internet service with them. 

The representative will ask you to provide some necessary details related to your internet service as well as your personal information. Make sure that you provide them with the correct information. 

Then, the agent will process the cancelation of your subscription. Make sure that you ask them to provide written confirmation on the successful cancelation of your service so that you can use it for any complications in the future. 

Can You Get A Refund On Canceling WOW Internet?

Yes, you definitely can get a refund from WOW on the cancelation of your internet service, but you will have to be eligible for this. This can happen only when you request the cancelation within 30 days of signing up for the service. 

Once the first month has passed by, you will not be allowed to get any refund no matter you have used the services or not. 

Is There A Cancelation Fee For WOW Internet?

Yes, if you cancel your WOW internet services even before your contract has ended, then you will be required to pay an early termination fee for this. For the 12-month services, the ETF can amount to $165, and for the 24-month services, it can be as high as $345.    

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What Happens With The Equipment On Canceling WOW Internet?

If you cancel your service with WOW Internet, then you will be required to return all their equipment. Their employees will visit your home to remove the installed equipment. 

How To Contact WOW Internet Transfer Service?

If you want to get your equipment installed or removed and have to contact the transfer service agents, then you will need to contact 877-MOVE-WOW. 

What Is WOW Equipment Return Address?

You do not have to worry about the return address from WOW for giving back the equipment because the customer support team will send the transfer service for this purpose.     

Wrapping Up

That was all for now and we hope that you didn’t have to pay for any cancelation fees while terminating your internet service with WOW. If there is any doubt left, let us know in the comments section.   

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