How To Cancel Bright Cellars? 2 Easy Methods!

How To Cancel Bright Cellars? 2 Easy Methods!

Are you done with trying out the wine bottles from Bright Cellars and wish to switch to somewhere else? Then the first thing that you need to do is cancel your Bright Cellars subscription so that you do not unnecessarily keep getting more deliveries and we are here to help you with this. 

Bright Cellars is a popular wine club where you can choose your own wine based on your taste and preference. Not just this, you can also choose the amount and frequency of your wine bottles that are delivered to your doorstep. But, one can change their mind anytime and stop spending money on expensive wines. 

To cancel your Bright Cellars subscription, you will be required to contact their customer support team which you can either do over the phone or through email. Just provide them with your personal as well as subscription details and they will do the rest for you. 

For further details and information about the cancelation of your Bright Cellars subscription, you should continue reading this article. 

How To Cancel Bright Cellars?

Currently, Bright Cellars offers two methods to its users for canceling the subscription they have taken up. However, each of the methods requires you to reach out to their customer support team who will do the further procedure. 

Let us explain both methods to you so that you can easily cancel your subscription to Bright Cellars in time.

How To Cancel Bright Cellars Subscription Over The Phone?

To get your Bright Cellars subscription terminated over the phone, you will need to dial the number 844 223 5527 which is the official contact number of Bright Cellars customer service.

As you make the call you will be assigned one of the customer support representatives of Bright Cellars who you can have a conversation with and make your cancelation request for the respective subscription. 

They will ask you to provide some of your personal details for identity verification and your subscription details so that they can process the cancelation. 

Once you provide them with the correct information and do as they guide you, your subscription to Bright Cellars shall be successfully canceled for which you can ask them for a confirmation receipt as proof to be used in the future. 

How To Cancel Bright Cellars Subscription Via Email?

If you are not a person who prefers making a phone call for a mere thing like canceling a subscription, then, you also have the option to make your cancelation request for your Bright Cellars subscription through an email. 

In this case, you will first need to compose an email with a suitable subject mentioning your cancelation request along with your personal as well as subscription details and then send this email to the address [email protected] which is the official customer service email address of Bright Cellars. 


Is There A Free Trial For Bright Cellars Subscription?

Not at all! Bright Cellars doesn’t offer any type of free trial to any of its new users, so, you will have to first purchase the subscription only after which you will be able to get access to their service and products. 

Can You Pause Your Bright Cellars Subscription?

Well, no, you are not allowed to have your Bright Cellars subscription paused, however, you definitely can increase or decrease the frequency of your monthly deliveries of wine. Moreover, you can also choose a bi-monthly, quarterly, or custom frequency of getting wine deliveries. 

How Much Is Bright Cellars Per Month?

The cost of your monthly Bright Cellars subscription will vary on the number of wine bottles you order, for instance, for 4 bottles of wine, you are charged $80 per month, in this way, $90 for 8 bottles, and $110 for 4 bottles of wine+ 1 mystery bottle, and so on.  

Wrapping Up

Finally, we are here after providing you with all the information along with the procedure for the cancelation of your subscription to Bright Cellars. If there is any other such subscription or membership that you want to get rid of, let us know in the comments.

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