How To Cancel Wells Fargo Credit Card?

cancel wells fargo credit card

If you possess a Wells Fargo Credit Card then you might not be much satisfied with the services you are getting as you are here to find out ways of closing your card. No matter what your reason is, we are here to help you cancel your Wells Fargo Credit Card by providing you with the effective steps that will surely ensure cancellation. 

Wells Fargo credit cards, Visa or Mastercard, provides various cash rewards and reward points. There isn’t an annual fee for the same and it is easy to apply for the card online in a few steps. You can go through the card details and benefits mentioned online and after comparing, select a card according to your requirements. 

You can cancel your Fargo Credit Card by contacting Customer Support via phone call and requesting a representative about it. Another way is to visit the nearest branch of Wells Fargo and then ask the representatives present there to cancel your credit card

How Can I Cancel Wells Fargo Credit Card?

1. To cancel your Wells Fargo Credit Card, you will have to contact their Customer Service department. 

2. Dial the Wells Fargo Customer Support number  (800) 642-4720 and you will be connected to a Wells Fargo representative. 

3. Tell them that you want to cancel your Wells Fargo credit card and they may ask you a reason for cancellation. Prepare an effective one already. 

4. Now provide them with your card number, your account details, your personal information, and the details they require to close your card. 

5. They will first ensure that there is no outstanding or unpaid balance and if everything seems alright, they will close your credit card as per your request. Do follow the steps as they say. 

6. You can also ask them for a credit card cancellation confirmation email or mail. 

How To Close A Wells Fargo Bank Account?

Don’t want to keep a connection with Wells Fargo for good? Then we are here to walk you through the procedures that will help you cancel your Wells Fargo bank account. 

1. Give a call to the Wells Fargo Customer Support team at 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557) to close your account. 

2. As you will be able to speak to a representative, you can request them to close your account and give all your personal and account details required for closure. 

3. They will check for unpaid balances and if it’s all set, they will proceed with closing your account. 

4. Members can also visit the nearest Wells Fargo branch location and speak to the front desk regarding their request. Just do as they say and you will be able to close your account. 

5. If you are living outside the U.S. then you will have to fill out a form to close your account. And when you are done, you can send it to them via mail. The mail address is provided in the form itself. 

Cancel Wells Fargo Credit Card- FAQs

Can I Close Wells Fargo Credit Card Account Online?

No, members will not be able to close their Wells Fargo credit card account online as they don’t allow it. Whether it is your credit card or your deposit account, you will have to contact the Customer Service number mentioned above to close it. You can also visit the nearest Wells Fargo location to help you with cancellations. 

Will Wells Fargo Cancel My Credit Card If I Don’t Use It?

Yes, Wells Fargo can cancel your credit card if you don’t use it. Like many other banks and companies, Wells Fargo also cancels credit cards if they find the account to be inactive for a long. So, to prevent the closing of your card, you must use it actively or make frequent transactions. 

Does Wells Fargo Charge A Fee To Close Account? Wells Fargo Close Account Fee

No, Wells Fargo does not charge a fee to close their account. There are no closing account charges applied by Wells Fargo and if you want, you can easily close your account by contacting their representatives and they won’t charge you for the same.

How Can I Contact Wells Fargo Customer Service?

If you are facing any kind of problems using Wells Fargo services then you can contact their Help department by dialing their service number 1 (800) 869-3557 and speaking to a representative regarding your request. You can also visit a Wells Fargo local branch to get more details in person. 

Wrap Up

Wells Fargo credit card can be used globally and you may also get several reward points or more. But if you don’t want to keep using the credit card anymore then do go through the cancellation steps discussed above to cancel your credit card. The above-mentioned steps can also help you close your Wells Fargo account. Contact their Customer Help department for more info. 

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