How To Cancel CookUnity Subscription?

cancel cookunity subscription

You might have purchased the CookUnity subscription for your meal deliveries. But do you find it a bit expensive or are not satisfied with the services you are receiving? If you have any of these reasons or others then we can help you cancel your CookUnity subscription easily. 

CookUnity offers a range of meal delivery plans that are prepared according to your requirements and tastes. The meals are claimed to be prepared by award-winning chefs that make healthy food with farm-fresh ingredients. You can select how many meals you require per week and can skip or cancel them whenever you want. 

You can easily cancel your CookUnity subscription online from their official website by going to the My Account page and then visiting the Plans section. If you only need a break, you can also pause your CookUnity subscription for some time and then continue with it later whenever you want to. 

How Can I Cancel CookUnity?

You can cancel your CookUnity subscription online by following these cancellation steps:

1. Visit the official website of CookUnity and sign in to your account. 

2. Now go to your profile and from the drop-down menu, select and open the My Account page. 

3. As you open the page, you will see the Change Plan option there which will be next to your name and your account details. 

4. Hit the Change Plan option and this will open a new page where you can see details regarding your current plan. 

5. At the bottom of that page, you will find a Cancel Subscription option, select it, and when you do, you will have to choose a reason for canceling your subscription from the available options. 

6. After selecting a reason, scroll down to the bottom of the page and then check the box next to Please Confirm and then hit the Cancel my Subscription button. 

Confirm the procedure and your cancellation is done. 

How Do I Pause My CookUnity Subscription?

If you don’t want to completely cancel your CookUnity subscription or just need a break for some time then you do have an option to pause your subscription. 

1. Navigate to CookUnity official and sign in to your account using your credentials. 

2. Now move to the My Account page and select your Plan under that section. 

3. You will now be able to select the number of weeks you need to take a break. Since your request, you will have the option to pause your subscription for about 8 weeks. 

4. During this period, you won’t be charged or get any kind of deliveries. 

5. Provide them with feedback and then, you will be sent a confirmation email for the same. They will also send you an email a few days prior to the reactivation of your account. 

Cancel CookUnity Subscription- FAQs

How Do I Cancel My Order On CookUnity?

You can cancel or modify your CookUnity orders online or by contacting their Support team. To manage your account, you will have to visit the official website of CookUnity and make the changes there. You can also send an email to their Customer Service team at [email protected] and request cancellation, modification, or anything you desire.

How Can I Contact CookUnity Customer Service?

For your issues with the services or any other requirements, you can contact the CookUnity Customer Support department and there are several ways to do so. You can send them a text message at +1 (347) 835-5020 regarding your concerns or send an email to  [email protected]. You can also visit the official website of CookUnity and Chat with their Support team online. 

Wrap Up

CookUnity offers fresh meal deliveries and you can select how frequently you want them to be delivered. But if you tried using these services already and are not a huge fan or don’t feel like continuing with it for any reason then follow the detailed cancellation steps discussed above and end the service. If you don’t want to cancel it, you can of course pause your subscription by going through the above-mentioned steps. If your queries persist, contact the CookUnity Customer Support department and they will help you with your issues accordingly. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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