How To Cancel UFC Gym Membership? Three Effective Ways!!

How To Cancel UFC Gym Membership?

If you are an MMA fighter or boxer at a beginner level, then UFC gym would be a better option to further enhance your fighting skills by giving you fitness and fighting classes. Suppose, after joining the classes, you feel like you don’t want to continue, then in that case, you can cancel UFC gym membership with their cancelation methods. 

UFC Gym is a health club chain of experienced MMA-inspired gyms which comes as a perfect fit for those people who wants to get online personal gym training along with the classes of their MMA fighting. You can join their MMA fighting team by Joining Online. 

You can cancel your UFC Gym Membership by visiting your nearest gym location and fill a cancelation form at the gym. You can also send a written cancelation notice to their team via Mail or contacting their service team will also be a good option for cancelation. 

Can You Cancel Your UFC Gym Membership?

Yes, if you want to cancel your membership with UFC Gym, then you can do so with these three methods-

  • Cancel In-Person
  • Cancel Via Mail Notice
  • Cancel Via Contact Form

Let’s understand these methods one by one in detail.

How To Cancel UFC Gym Membership In-Person?

The first method from which you can cancel your UFC Gym Membership is by visiting your gym location in in-person and talking with the gym manager face to face about canceling your membership. Keep in mind, that you have to visit the same gym, to which you have to take the membership. 

Go to the Gym, tell them that you want to cancel your membership. They will then keep a check on your membership plan. After that, you have to fill out a cancelation form given by the gym team and after submitting your cancelation form to the gym manager, your UFC gym membership will successfully be canceled.

How To Cancel UFC Gym Membership Via Mail Notice

  1. You can also send your cancelation request by sending a cancelation notice to their team via mail at their mailing address
  2. Make sure that you mention all the details about canceling your membership in the notice
  3. Include your membership details, personal information, and contact information 
  4. When you are done with your cancelation notice, send that notice to the UFC team Mailing Address. 

UFC Gym Postal Mail Address:

UFC Gym,

1501 Quail Street,

Suite 100,

Newport Beach,

CA 92660

How To Cancel UFC Gym Via Contact Form?

You can also cancel your UFC gym membership by getting in touch with their service team. To contact their team, you can send their team a message by filling out the basic contact form available on UFC Contact Page. 

Fill out your basic personal details in the form and hit the “Send a Message” button. After receiving your message, the team member will contact you and will further initiate the cancelation process and cancel your membership. They will then inform you about your cancelation by sending a confirmation message to your email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund After Canceling Your UFC Gym Membership?

If you cancel your gym membership within 5 days of joining it, then you will get your full refund. In case, of death, disability, and relocation, you will also get a refund. 

How To Contact UFC Customer Service?

If you have any query related, their customer service team at any time by making the call to UFC Gym Contact Number at 877-2-UFCGYM or via email at [email protected] 


If you are done with your fighting practice, then there is no need for you to continue with the membership services of your UFC Gym Membership. Follow these effective methods to cancel your UFC Gym Membership. You can also cancel UFC Fight Pass.

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