How To Cancel Washington Gas? Cancelation In 2 Ways!!

How To Cancel Washington Gas?

If you are a Resident of Washington, D.C., and in search of the best natural gas provider company, then Washington Gas is for you. Yes, you can try its services at least once, and no worries, if you don’t want to continue with this gas service, you can cancel Washington Gas at any time. 

Washington Gas is the most popular natural gas agency in Washington, D.C. which provides gas services to its customers. With natural gas, this company also deals in energy-related products and services. However, if you are someone who wants to cancel the service, you need to read the entire article up to its end.

You can cancel Washington Gas Service with the two most possible methods- either cancel it online from the “Stop Service” page or by calling their customer service team for getting assistance in cancelation. 

Can You Cancel Your Washington Gas?

Yes, you can cancel your Washington Gas at any time. You just need to notify their team about cancelation at least  3 working days, before stopping the service. 

How To Cancel Washington Gas Service Online?

To cancel your Washington Gas Service online, first, you need to visit their Stop Service Page. Then, to proceed with the further cancelation process, you need to enter your “Account Number” and the “Phone Number that is linked to your account” and hit the “Next” button. After 4 more steps, your service will be canceled. 

Online cancelation Steps from your Washington Gas Account: Sign in to your Account> Click on the “Stop Service” option from the “Take me” dropdown menu> Navigate to the “Account Services” tab> Tap on “Stop Service” tab> Fill out the required fields and hit the “Submit” button> A message is displayed “Thank you- Your order is successfully submitted”. 

How To Cancel Washington Gas Service Over The Phone?

  1. The other method to cancel your Washington Gas Service is by calling on Washington Gas customer service phone number.
  1. You can contact their service team by dialing their number 844-WASHGAS (844-927-4427)
  1. You can then be connected to their team member over a call and submit your request in front of them to cancel your service
  1. You will then have to give them your account number and contact number for further verification and process
  1. Follow the cancelation steps as per instructed by the agent and you will get a confirmation email after cancelation. 

How To Get Washington Gas Deposit Refund?

Washington Gas will either credit the deposit to a customer’s account after a year or issue a refund by cheque at the customer’s discretion under the following conditions-

  • The customer had not any bills that were unpaid within 80 days of the date of the rendition
  • The customer is not currently behind on any payments
  • The customer’s service has not been canceled for nonpayment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Transfer Washington Gas Service?

If you want to transfer or Move your Washington Gas Service, you can either do so online from your Washington Gas Account or by calling their team at 844-927-4427

How To Contact Washington Gas Customer Service?

To contact their team, you can call on their customer service number at 844-927-4427 or visit Washington Gas Contact Page for more contact information (contact numbers & email). 


Washington Gas can give you the best services with their best efforts and many customers are satisfied with their services. But, if for any reason, you no longer want their services, then you can cancel it at any time with the steps mentioned above in this article. For any inconvenience, feel free to contact their customer service during their working hours.

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