How To Cancel Bell Mobility? Know About Its Return Policy!!

How To Cancel Bell Mobility?

In today’s internet world, almost everyone is using WiFi or Wireless Internet Services at home, and many of them are changing their internet services due to connectivity issues, or slow speed. If you are using Bell Mobility Services and are also unsatisfied with that too, then here we are going to tell you some ways to cancel Bell Mobility. 

Bell Mobility is a wireless telecommunication company in Canada that provides mobility, wireless internet, TV, Home Phone, and Smartphone services to its customers. They offer you with their different varieties of prepaid and postpaid plans. 

You can cancel your Bell Mobility Service at any time by getting the help of their customer support service team by making a call on their available customer support numbers. 

Can I Cancel My Bell Mobility Contract Online?

No, you can’t cancel your Bell Mobility Service online. The only way to do this is by contacting their customer service team over a phone call. Let’s move forward to know them about their service contact numbers. 

How To Cancel Bell Mobility Services?

If Bell Mobility Services does not work for you properly, then you must be thinking about some possible ways to cancel your mobility services.

If that is so, then we must tell you the most effective way from which you can cancel your Bell Mobility service, after it is activated is by making a call to their customer service team and telling them to cancel your service. 

You just need to dial Bell Mobility Service Phone Number at 1-800-667-0123. After some time, you will be connected to their team member and ask for their help in canceling your service.

After submitting your cancelation request, the agent will surely help you in canceling your service, and finally, your mobility service is canceled. 

You can also cancel your other Bell Services easily by contacting their customer support contacting their preferred phone numbers (not similar to Bell Mobility Service).

Here are the contact numbers to cancel your other Bell Services. 

  • Cancel Bell Home Phone Service (after it’s activated): 1-866-310-BELL or 1-866-310-2355
  • Cancel Bell Internet Service (after it’s activated): 310-SURF or 310-7873
  • Cancel Bell Satellite TV Service (after it’s activated): 1-888-SKY DISH (1-888-759-3474)

What Is The Return Policy For Bell Mobility Customers?

Yes, Bell Mobility offers a return window to its customer under some circumstances. 

  • Customers with accessibility needs– 60 days
  • Other Mobility customers– 30 days

If you are not satisfied with any of the items from Bell Mobility, then you can return or exchange the device under these six conditions-

  1. Return the device within 15 days of the initial days
  1. If purchased from the store, return the device with its original receipt from the same store location
  1. If purchased online, return it through mail
  1. The device is in its original, undamaged condition
  1. No returns for clearance devices
  1. The usage satisfies the following criteria.
  • Monthly plan customers- You have not used the devices over in accordance with its terms and conditions
  • Prepaid service customers– No more than 30 minutes of talk time or 50 MB of data have been used on the device.

What Is The Refund Policy For Bell Mobility?

If you successfully be able to return your device to their team under these six above-mentioned criteria, then you will fully be entitled to a refund. Remember, no refunds will be given for clearance devices. 

Only the account holders will be able to request for a refund and your refund amount will be credited to your account with the same payment, you used to purchase the device. 

How Long Does It Take To Get A Refund?

Normally, it can take up to 3-4 weeks to get back your refund. 

Mobility: For mobile phones, pagers, telephones, and PDAs, you will get the refund within 60-90 days from the day your device is returned.

TV: The TV refund is kept on hold for 60 days after the final bill

Internet and Home Phone: The refund is kept on hold for 30 days after the final bill 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Bell Mobility Customer Service?

You can contact your Bell Mobility Customer Service either by calling on their number (1-800-667-0123) or via the Live Chat option. You can get their Live Chat and more contact numbers on Bell Mobility Contact Page

How To Cancel Bell Fibe TV?

Make a call at 1-866-342–7367 to cancel your Bell Fibe TV and discuss your cancelation process with their team. 

How To Cancel Bell Internet?

You can call Bell customer service at 1-866-310-2355 to request cancellation of your Internet service.


That is all you needed to know about your Bell Mobility Cancelation and Return Policy. We hope that now you will be known about the ways how you can easily terminate your Bell Mobility Services with ease. If you need support in canceling other services, do let us know about them in the comment section. Till then, here is how you can cancel Verizon Fios. 

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