How To Cancel Utilita? Easy Cancellation In 2 Ways!

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If you are a user of the energy services provided by Utilita and have to terminate your contract with them then we have the correct and effective methods that you can try to terminate your Utilita services. 

Utilita is an energy company in the United Kingdom that provides and supplies gas and electricity to residents. They also claim to be the only energy company helping their users’ households to utilize less energy which can be beneficial for both the planet and also customer’s pocket. You can also control your energy usage with the Utilita application. 

You can cancel your Utilita service by contacting their Customer Service department by dialing their help number and speaking to a representative for the same. If your reason for cancellation of the service is that you are moving out of your place then you will have to fill out the moving-out form

How Can I Cancel Utilita?

You can cancel Utilita by contacting their Customer Support department regarding your request. 

1. Dial the Utilita Customer Help number 0345 207 2000 to proceed with your cancellation request. 

2. You will be connected to a company representative and you can request them to cancel your Utilita service. 

3. Do provide all your service details, personal information that they ask for, your contract number, and all other details required to cancel the service. 

4. Ask them to terminate your service and also ask for a cancellation confirmation message when they are done. 

If you want to cancel your service for free then they do provide a 14-day cooling-off period that initiates soon as you first subscribe to the service. 

Cancel/Transfer Utilita For Moving Out | Utilita Moving Out Form

If you have to cancel your service for moving out to a new location or have to transfer the Utilita connection to your new location then you will have to fill out their Moving Out form. 

1. You can visit the official website of Utilita Energy and sign in to your account or directly navigate to their Moving Out page

2. There, you will see a Moving Out form that you need to fill out with the required details.

3. You will first have to provide your personal details including your title, your first name and last name, and the email address that you are registered to, and also select Who are you from the options in the drop-down menu. 

4. Then you have to give the location address you are moving from. These details include your current address, city, county, postcode, and also the moving out date. 

5. After that, you will have to give the details of the energy reading when you move out, these include your Electricity meter reading and also your Gas meter reading. 

6. Then, provide the details of your new address or the address you are moving to. You will then be asked if you would want Utilita to keep supplying you with the energy at your new location. 

7. You will only have to select the options from Yes or No and when you are done, hit the Submit button. 

If you are planning to transfer the services to your new location then you will have to contact their Welcome Team by dialing  0345 206 8777 and speaking to an agent for the same. 

Cancel Utilita- FAQs

How Do I Cancel My Utilita Switch?

If you are determined to cancel your Utilita Switch then you can contact their Customer Switching team at 0330 3337 432 and speak to a representative regarding your cancellation request. 

Does Utilita Charge Exit Fees?

According to the official Utilita Energy, they do not charge exit fees from their energy users. They also claim to not have any standing charge. You will only be required to pay for your energy consumption or the total energy you use. 

How Do I Cancel A Direct Debit With Utilita?

If you want to cancel your Direct Debit with Utilita then you can do so anytime you want. For that, you will have to get in touch with your bank or your building society and they will help you with it. You may have to provide them with a written confirmation for the same and must also notify Utilita. 

How Can I Contact Utilita Customer Service?

If you have any queries about the services provided by Utilita then you can call on their Customer Support number 0345 207 2000 and talk to a company agent regarding your request. For queries related to your payments and billings, you can dial 0330 053 5669. You can visit the Utilita Energy Help Page for more related information. 

Wrap Up

Utilita is one of the major energy services providers in the UK and people have been using their gas and electric services. However, if you have to terminate your contract or cancel the service for any reason then you can follow the above-mentioned steps and complete your cancellation. The Utilita Customer Service can also help you with your other related questions. You can also cancel We Energies.

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