How To Cancel Your USA Today Subscription?

How To Cancel Your USA Today Subscription?

If you do not want to continue reading all or some of the newsletters from USA Today that you had been till now, then you can simply cancel your USA Today subscription and save your money on the monthly subscription. Those struggling with the cancelation of this subscription can refer to this article and get the answers they are looking for.

With a subscription to USA Today, you will be able to get access to exclusive content and newsletters on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Having rid of the printed newspaper, USA Today’s e-newspapers are a good choice, but some people are unable to accept the digital form. So, if you are also one of them, then you might also want to switch to the printed edition again. 

To cancel your USA Today subscription, make a call to the customer service of USA Today and ask them to cancel the current subscription to their services on your account. Provide them with the subscription details and they will process the cancelation. If the calling service is not available in your location, then you can also cancel it online on their website. 

To know in detail about how your USA Today subscription can be terminated, continue reading this guide on the same. 

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How To Cancel Your USA Today Subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription to USA Today, there are two ways available currently to do so. We are going to explain both methods in detail so that you can choose the one you are more convenient with. 

How To Cancel USA Today Subscription Online?

If you want to cancel your subscription to USA Today online, then here is what you will be required to do. 

1. Open a web browser on your device and head to the official website of USA Today.

2. Log in to your respective account where you want to cancel your subscription.

3. Head to the Newsletters section of your account.

4. There, you will see a list of newsletters that you have subscribed to.

5. Select the ones that you do not need to receive anymore.

6. Hit the cancel button and confirm your choice. 

You will not receive the selected newsletters for your next billing period. 

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How To Cancel USA Today Subscription Over The Phone?

If you do not want to go through the manual procedure of canceling your USA Today subscription, then you can also contact customer service of USA Today and ask them to cancel the subscription on your behalf. 

For this, you will be required to dial the number 1 800 872 0001 on your phone and you shall be assigned one of the customer service representatives of USA Today to who you can talk and make your request for the cancelation of your current subscription.

Provide them with the necessary details related to your USA Today account as well as the subscription and they will process the cancelation for you. 

Remember that if you are a resident of New York, California, Maine, or Vermont, then this calling method is not going to work for you so you will have to go to their official website and cancel the subscription from the account management page. 


Can You Get A Refund For Your USA Today Subscription?

The subscriptions to USA Today are completely non-refundable. So, no matter whether you have used up half or none of your subscription, you will not be able to get a single penny on canceling your order. 

Can You Change Your Delivery Address For The USA Today Subscription?

Yes, if you have moved to a new location within the USA, then you can simply change your delivery address accordingly by logging in to your account or simply calling their customer service and providing them with the new address to change. 

How To Unsubscribe From USA Today Emails?

If you do not want to receive any emails from USA Today, then open any email that you have received from their service and scroll to the bottom of the email. In the end, you will find an Unsubscribe button, tap on it and follow up as directed, and then you will soon stop receiving any emails from their side. 

Does USA Today Have A Senior Account?

Unfortunately, USA Today does not offer any kind of discount for seniors, so they will also have to pay the same amount for the subscription as is charged to the other subscribers of the service. However, USA Today does offer certain discounts from time to time which is accessible to all customers.

Wrapping Up

In the hope that you have found the process of canceling your USA Today subscription in time and didn’t have to pay for another billing period, we conclude our article. In case there is any other kind of subscription that you need to cancel, you can always reach out to us and ask for assistance, we will be more than happy to help you out.

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