How To Cancel Melaleuca Membership Or Order?

How To Cancel Melaleuca Membership Or Order?

If you do not wish to continue receiving any products from Melaleuca, then it is time that you cancel your Melaleuca membership we know that canceling this subscription is a challenging one which is why you are looking for the exact method, and fortunately, your search ends here. 

The members of Melaleuca can have access to a variety of products that are meant for the good health and skincare of the people. You can order items for cleaning, laundry, personal care, health, as well as beauty. Most things for your health and grooming are covered by this membership. But it is not necessary that their products will suit everyone, so some people would obviously cancel the membership in certain instances.

To cancel your Melaleuca membership, you will be first required to download the cancelation form from the official Melaleuca website. Fill out the form accurately and then send it to Melaleuca customer support. You can either submit the form from your account, you can fax it, email it, or simply send it by post.

We know that you are still confused about the cancelation of your Melaleuca membership which is why we have provided a detailed explanation regarding the same right below, so you can just check out. 

How To Cancel Melaleuca Membership?Melaleuca Cancellation Form

The process of cancelation of membership to Melaleuca is quite a tricky one due to which a lot of users struggle with the process, however, we have described the entire procedure in the most simplified way possible so that you do not go through the same trouble. 

1. First, you need to note down the Representative’s name, time, and the date you joined the Melaleuca membership, which you will find on the membership paperwork.

2. Now, head to the official website of Melaleuca on your web browser and download the cancelation form from there. 

3. Next, you have to fill out all the details required on that form along with your signature.

4. Once done, log in to your Melaleuca account and then submit the form to Melaleuca.

Make sure that you submit the cancelation form at least prior to midnight on the last day of your current membership month. 

If you do not want to submit the Melaleuca form to your account, you can also fax it to them, email it, or mail it.

If you want to fax the cancelation form of your Melaleuca membership then you can send it to 1 888 528 2090.

If you want to send the cancelation form via email, then you can send it to the email address [email protected].

Alternatively, you can also send the form by post then you can send it to the address given below.

Melaleuca, Inc.

4609 West 65th South 

Idaho Falls, ID 83402

How To Cancel Melaleuca Order?

If you just want to cancel an order that you have placed on Melaleuca, then you will be required to contact the customer support of Melaleuca. You can do this by calling on the number 1 800 262 0600 and you will be connected to one of the customer service representatives of Melaleuca who you can speak with, provide a reason, and then request them to cancel the order for you.


Can You Order From Melaleuca Without Getting A Membership?

Yes, if you are not a member of Melaleuca, you can still purchase from their membership. However, you will be charged the complete regular price of the products without any discount and your access to their service will also be limited. 

How Much Is A Monthly Subscription To Melaleuca?

The members of Melaleuca will be required to pay an amount of $19.00 for their monthly membership as well as the sales tax if applicable. With this, you will get access to the catalog of Melaleuca where you can check out and get all the latest health and wellness products. 

Can You A Skip A Month On Melaleuca Membership?

If you are a Melaleuca member and do not shop anything for a month or do not order the minimum product points for your order, then you will automatically receive a backup order from Melaleuca and will be charged for the same from your account. 

Why Can’t I Log In To My Melaleuca Account?

If you are unable to log in to your Melaleuca account, this can be possibly due to entering the wrong password while logging in. In such a case, you can simply contact customer support at Melaleuca and ask them to temporarily reset your password. 

Wrapping Up

This was all that you needed to know about your membership to Melaleuca and its cancelation. If you face any trouble while canceling your membership to Melaleuca or while filling out their cancelation form, then you can simply contact their customer support and ask them for assistance. And if there is any other membership that you wish to terminate, you can let us know for help.

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