How To Cancel US Search Membership? 3 Effective Methods!!

how to cancel Us Search

Are you ready to discontinue your services with Us Search? If you’ve found a more suitable alternative or no longer require their services, canceling your subscription is a crucial step to take in order to avoid unauthorized charges. Learn how to cancel Us Search and say goodbye to those annoying fees by following our straightforward guide.

Us Search is a well-known online people search engine that offers public records, background checks, and other related services. Us Search has grown to be a useful resource for people and companies looking for information about people, giving them access to more than 2 billion public records.

You can cancel your Us Search Membership at any time by logging into your account from its website. You can cancel it by calling their customer support service team or sending them an email to submit your cancelation request. 

How To Cancel Us Search Membership Over The Phone?

If you’ve made up your mind that you no longer need Us Search’s services, you can easily cancel your subscription over the phone by following a few simple steps. An instruction manual for terminating your Us Search subscription is provided below:

  1. Gather Your Account Information: Make sure you have your account details on hand before calling Us Search to cancel your subscription. This includes your name, account number, and any other pertinent data connected to your account.
  1. Call Us Search: Call Us Search’s customer service line at (888)-712-0108 to cancel your subscription. As soon as a representative answers, wait until you can let them know you want to cancel your subscription.
  1. Verify Your Identity: Be prepared to provide it when the representative requests it so that you can prove your identity.
  1. Request Cancelation: Ask for the cancellation of your subscription after your identity has been confirmed.
  1. Confirm Cancelation: Finally, request confirmation from the representative that your subscription has been canceled and ask if there will be any additional fees.
  1. Keep A Record: For your records, make sure to write down the time and date of your call, the representative’s name, and any confirmation numbers you might have been given.

You should be able to easily cancel your Us Search subscription over the phone by following these steps. Just make sure to have your account information on hand and note any crucial details the representative may have shared while processing your cancellation.

How To Cancel Us Search Membership Via Email?

Although canceling Us Search by email is less frequent than canceling by phone, it is still an option. To cancel your email subscription, take the following actions:

  1. Compose An Email: Start by writing an email to [email protected], the address of Us Search’s customer service division.
  1. Provide Your Account Information: Include your account details in your email, including your account number, name, and any other pertinent information pertaining to your account.
  1. Request Cancelation: Make it very clear that you want to cancel your subscription and ask that it be done.
  1. Confirm Cancelation: Confirm with the representative that your subscription has been canceled, and ask if there will be any additional fees.
  1. Keep A Record: For your records, make sure to keep a copy of both your email and any reply you receive.

It is crucial to keep in mind that canceling by email might take longer than canceling by phone because you must wait for a response from Us Search. Keep an eye out for any updates or confirmations from Us Search regarding your cancellation request in your email inbox as well. You should be able to easily cancel your Us Search subscription via email by following these steps.

How To Cancel Us Search Membership Online?

Steps to cancel your Us Search Membership online are simple. Visit Us Search Website> Log In To Your Account from the dashboard> Follow the instruction to cancel your membership by tapping the “Cancel Membership” button. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can You Get A Refund From Us Search?

If you cancel your membership with Us Search, then you have the right to submit your refund request to their team and if you are eligible for a refund, their team will refund your money back to your account. 

You can make a call on their Customer Toll-Free Number at (888)-712-0108 and submit your refund request over the call. You need to provide them with your name and billing address and within 30 days your refund will be issued to your bank account. 

How To Contact Us Search Customer Service?

Us Search customer service lines are open from Monday to Friday 7 am to 4 pm PST* (10 am to 4 pm EST). You have two ways to get in touch with their team.


Well!! There could be many people who find this service useful, others may find themselves in a situation where they need to cancel their Us Search Membership. If you also no longer need the services of Us Search, then you can easily end up your Us Search membership with the above-mentioned methods. Also Know, how to cancel Search Public Records Subscription.

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