How To Cancel Bubbly Belle Subscription Or Order Easily?

How To Cancel Bubbly Belle

Are you sick of Bubbly Belle sending you orders every month? Or perhaps all you want to do is stop your current order? Whatever the reason, It can be a frustrating experience, if you don’t know the proper procedures, for canceling Bubbly Belle. We’ll walk you through the steps to cancel Bubbly Belle Subscription or Order. 

A unique subscription-based service is provided by the beauty product company Bubbly Belle, which enables customers to receive various bath bombs, body scrubs, and other self-care items every month. Each item has a ring tucked away inside, which heightens the experience’s element of surprise and intrigue.

Whether it is your monthly subscription orders or your current single order from Bubbly Belle, you will be allowed to cancel it at any time by directly contacting their customer support service team. 

Can You Cancel Bubbly Belle Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Bubble Belle Subscription at any time. Make sure to cancel it before the start of your new subscription month period. Once you get charged for your subscription plan, then there is no way for getting back the refund from it even after cancelation. 

How To Cancel Bubby Belle Subscription Over The Phone?

The only way to cancel your Bubbly Belle Subscription is by getting in contact with their customer support service team and asking them to cancel your subscription. The first method to contact Bubble Belle Customer Service Team is over a phone call. 

First, you need to call on Bubble Belle Phone Number at 1-855-713-0382  from Monday to Friday 8 am to 10 pm. After some time, one of their team members will connect with you on your call. You can then ask them to cancel your Bubbly Belle monthly subscription for you. Provide them with your subscription details and other necessary details. Explain the reason for cancelation and ask for a refund. 

They will then proceed with the cancelation process for you and you will finally end up canceling your Bubbly Belle Subscription with their help. You will get an email confirmation that notify you that your subscription is successfully canceled. 

How To Cancel Bubbly Belle Subscription Via Email?

You can also cancel your Bubbly Belle Subscription by sending a simple but organized email to their customer service team. Steps to cancel your Bubbly Belle Subscription via email include the following-

  1. Send an email to [email protected] to contact customer service for Bubbly Belle. Include your name as well as the email address connected to your account.
  1. Email subject: “Cancellation of Bubbly Belle Subscription.”
  1. Include a clear statement in the email’s body that you want to cancel your Bubbly Belle subscription, along with any other details that may be required, like your order number or the date you initially signed up for the subscription.
  1. A confirmation that your subscription has been canceled will come in the form of a response from Bubbly Belle customer service.
  1. Make sure your subscription has been canceled by sending another email or calling Bubbly Belle customer service if you don’t hear back within a reasonable amount of time.

How To Return Bubbly Belle Orders?

If you want to make a return of any of your Bubbly Belle orders, then you can request your return by emailing their team at [email protected] or call their customer service team. In the event that a return is permitted, shipping costs will be your responsibility.  Please give the return procedure a minimum of thirty (30) days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bubbly Belle Give Refunds?

Refunds for the purchase of Bubbly Belle products are not given. Bubbly Belle may replace the bath bombs in the event that your package was damaged in transit, but you won’t receive any replacement rings. In short, you will not get refunds from Bubbly Belle. 

What Are The Alternatives To Bubbly Belle?

You can try some of these services instead of Bubbly Belle.

  • Bath Bevy
  • Bathopia


Bubbly Belle takes pride in making its products with natural ingredients and without the use of animals. On their website, they also sell a variety of gift sets and standalone items. However, if you decided to put an end to your Bubbly Belle Subscription, then you can do so easily by contacting their customer service team. But, forget to get your refund after cancelation. Also, Know, how to cancel Beauty Pie Membership.

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