How To Cancel Ford Credit? Easy Cancellation!

cancel ford credit

Are you using the services of Ford Motor’s financial branch to get all the possible solutions for financing your Ford vehicle? It might not be working well for you as you have the query to cancel your Ford credit. So, if you wish to cancel your Ford credit then we are here to help you by providing you with all effective steps. 

Ford Motor Credit is a part of the Ford Motor Company and acts as a financial branch from them. They provide financial plans that are specially created for Ford drivers who are eligible for the same and they can get numerous financing solutions that are required by them to finance their Ford vehicles and more. 

You can easily cancel your Ford Credit if you don’t require it anymore for whatever reason and there are a variety of methods for that. Cancellation could be done online by visiting the company’s Contact Us page or through a mail or phone number. Continue reading to get detailed steps. 

How Can I Cancel Ford Credit?

If you do not require the Ford Credit services anymore then you can follow any of the given methods to cancel Ford Credit.

Online Cancellation Of Ford Credit

1. An easy way to cancel your Ford Credit is canceling online by visiting the official web page. 

2. For that, you will be required to navigate to the Contact Us page of Ford Credit. 

3. Now fill out the online form and provide the details as asked. Click on the Submit button when you have completed the form.

4. You will soon get an email from the company and you will have to reply to it by providing details for your Ford Credit cancellation request. 

5. When the procedure is completed, they will again send you an email confirming that your request is fulfilled. 

Ford Credit Cancellation Via Phone Call

1. Another method provided by the company to cancel Ford Credit is by dialing their Customer Help number for the same. 

2. You can get in touch with Ford Credit’s customer help by dialing their service number 1-800-727-7000. You can also give a call to 03457 125490

3. You will be connected to a Ford Credit representative or the company agent and you can request them to cancel your Ford Credit service. 

4. They will ask you for your Tax ID number and also your account number so do ensure that you already have the required details with you. 

5. You must follow the steps as instructed by the representative and complete the procedure. 

Ford Credit Cancellation Via Mail

1. If you wish, you can also write a letter to the company informing them of your request to cancel your Ford Credit. 

2. Remember to add your account number in the letter and also provide details of your Tax ID Number

3. After writing down all the required details and mentioning your request to cancel Ford Credit, you are now ready to send your mail to the company.

4. You can now mail your letter to the company’s address- Ford Credit, Manchester Business Centre, Number One, 1 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, M15, 4FN.

Cancel Ford Credit- FAQs

Is There A Penalty For Paying Off Ford Credit Early?

No, if you pay off your Ford Credit early, prior to the selected date then don’t worry, you won’t be asked for a penalty. Ford Credit claim to provide simple interest loans to those who need them and you don’t have to pay a penalty for your loan prepayments. 

Can I Pay Ford Credit By Phone?

Yes, Ford allows you to pay your Ford Credit bill by phone where you dial their help number for the same. You will have to call on 1-800-334-1161 and then provide your account number and also the last four digits of your Tax Id number. You will also have to give your bank account and routing numbers and when done, confirm your payment amount. Bill can also be paid by signing in to your Ford Credit Account Manager

What Happens When You Pay Off Your Car In Ford Credit?

Once you have paid off your car, it will take them about 7–10 business days to process it after receiving your payoff and providing you with your paid-in-full documents. You should review your contact information that is already present with the account manager before you get your title. 

Wrap Up

Ford Credit can give you the required financial services for your Ford vehicle that you already have or a new one you wish to get next. But if you are already using the services and don’t plan on continuing with it anymore then you can cancel Ford Credit by following the detailed steps as we mentioned above. You can also dial their customer help number for more of your related queries. 

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