How To Cancel UFC Fight Pass? 4 Effective Steps To Cancel!

how to cancel ufc fight pass

If your core interest is in the Fighting championships and you can spend all your day watching those fights then UFC Fight Pass can be a good option for you. But if you are not a huge fan and don’t plan to continue with the subscription then we can help you cancel UFC Fight Pass. 

UFC Fight Pass is a video streaming service that can be purchased with a subscription. The hardcore fans who live for fighting can get the pass and enjoy it because we know that you can do this all day. Not just the championship fights, you will also get access to other numerous related content for your entertainment. 

You can cancel your UFC Fight Pass online from the official website by logging in to your UFC Fight Pass account. Cancellation is also possible on Android and iOS devices and also through Roku if you purchased it from there. 

How Much Is UFC Fight Pass?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is for hardcore fans where they can enjoy their favorite fights and fighters. The video streaming subscription service UFC Fight Pass has streaming channels and an on-demand program library for all.

You can also get access to other fighting events available on the subscription. The UFC Fight Pass library consists of about 20,000 fights and events. 

The UFC Fight Pass provides two subscription plans. The monthly subscription pass can be purchased for $9.99 a month and the annual pass will cost you about $95.99. You can watch almost all historical UFC fights on the subscription service and can enjoy all The Ultimate Fighter seasons.

You will also get access to related content like shows and documentaries of fighting. However, the subscription can only be a great option for those who are the ultimate fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Casual fans might not receive many benefits from the subscription. 

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How Do I Cancel My UFC Fight Pass?

You can easily cancel your UFC Fight Pass from the official website by logging in to your account. Cancellation is also possible on your Android devices and iOS devices. 

Cancel UFC Fight Pass From Website

  • Visit the official website and Sign in to your UFC Fight Pass account
  • Navigate to the My Account section at the top of the screen page. 
  • Move to the Subscriptions tab and you will see your UFC Fight Pass subscription there. 
  • Click on the Cancel Subscription option and then again hit Yes, Cancel Subscription

Cancel UFC Fight Pass From Google Play Store On Android

  • Open the Google Play Store application on your Android device. 
  • Tap on your Profile icon and then select Payments & Subscriptions from the menu. 
  • Go to Subscriptions and then choose your UFC Fight Pass from the list of your subscriptions. 
  • Tap on Cancel Subscription and confirm the procedure. 

Cancel UFC Fight Pass From Apple App Store On iOS

  • Open the Settings application on your device and then tap on your name
  • Sign in to your Apple ID to proceed with subscription cancellation. 
  • Hit the Subscriptions tab on the screen page and look for your UFC Fight Pass. 
  • Now tap on Cancel Subscription and then confirm the cancellation when done. 

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How To Cancel UFC Fight Pass On Roku?

You can also cancel your UFC Fight Pass on Roku if you purchased the subscription through  Roku Pay. 

  • Visit the official page and sign in to your Roku account
  • Navigate to the Manage your Subscriptions section and then move to Active Subscriptions. 
  • Look for your UFC Fight Pass subscription there and then hit Turn off auto-renew
  • You will be required to provide a reason for your subscription cancellation and when you are done, choose Continue to cancel

Cancel UFC Fight Pass- FAQs

Is UFC Fight Pass Included With ESPN Plus?

No, UFC Fight Pass is not Included With ESPN Plus. To get access to both services, you will be required to purchase these subscriptions separately. 

How Do You Get UFC Fight Pass? Is The UFC Fight Pass Worth It?

There are several platforms that you can use to get your UFC Fight Pass. Visit the UFC Fight Pass official page and hit the Sign Up button to get the subscription. You can purchase the pass on your Android and iOS devices and also through Roku.
The subscription pass would be worth it for those who are the ultimate fans and who enjoy both UFC and other related content. But if you are a casual fan then you might not need to pay for the subscription. 

Why Can’t I Cancel UFC Fight Pass?

You must go through the correct cancellation sequence mentioned above and must ensure that you are logged in from the correct registered account. If you are correctly following the cancellation steps but are still unable to terminate service then contact their Customer Support department for help. 

How Do I Contact UFC Fight Pass Customer Support?

If you are facing problems related to your UFC Fight pass subscription or more then you can contact their Customer Service department by sending an email to [email protected]. You can also visit the official website and click on the Live Chat icon on the screen page. 

Wrap Up

Ultimate Fighting Championship can be interesting but the UFC Fight Pass is even better where you can watch all historical championships and other related content.

But if you are already a subscriber and are not interested in keeping the subscription anymore then follow the detailed cancellation steps discussed above to terminate service. Get in touch with the Customer Care department for your related queries.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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