How To Cancel NBA TV Subscription? Simple Effective Methods!

Cancel NBA TV Subscription

An NBA subscription is perfect for those who never wish to miss a single moment of their favorite Basketball matches. But if the league is over and you no longer require it then you can cancel your NBA TV subscription anytime. 

NBA TV with its NBA League Pass can provide you with access to all the live and on-demand games with around-the-clock NBA TV coverage. You can watch the old match finals and live and on-demand shows and episodes.  This will take you a step closer to the game and will do wonders for those who want to learn more about it. 

Canceling your NBA TV subscription is easy but does depend on the platform you selected to get the subscription. Continue reading to learn more details about the steps regarding subscription cancellation online through the website, on iOS, and on Android devices

NBA League Pass Subscription Prices

With the NBA League Pass, Basketball fans get a chance to enjoy any game in their comfort zone and catch all other shows and more.

Whether it’s the heated rivalries of your favorite teams or other team matches, you get complete coverage of everything. You can also keep an eye on the fantasy insight and top highlights of the season and is an amazing platform to follow your idol. 

If you are dedicated to your favorite team then the NBA League Pass Price for one team and its whole season would be $89.99. The NBA League Pass for one device is available for $99.99. The NBA League Pass Premium can be accessed at $129.99 without any commercials to disturb you.

The monthly package of NBA League Pass initiates from $14.99 and those who wish to have the Premium version will have to pay $19.99. The monthly plan for those who only follow one team starts at $13.99

Is NBA TV Subscription Worth It?

If you closely follow basketball and are a die-hard fan of the game and the players then this subscription is totally worth it. You get access to the complete 24/7 coverage of NBA with the competitive matches and related shows. If you are taking a day off work then you can wisely spend all of your time watching the different teams and league matches in a cozy place at your home. 

However, if you are just a casual fan and only watch NBA for fun then you might not feel the need to pay this much. If you are only to support one team then you can purchase the league pass for one team but if you are just a regular fan who watches NBA when there isn’t anything else to do then the plan is probably not worth it for you.

How Can I Cancel My NBA League Pass Subscription?

You can easily cancel your NBA League Pass Subscription by visiting the official website or through your Android and iOS devices. 

Cancel NBA League Pass Through Website

1. From your browser, go to the official website of the NBA

2. Go to your profile at the top right of the screen page. 

3. Click on My NBA Account from the Menu.

4. Go to the Manage Account tab and then select My NBA Subscription

5. This will open your League Pass Subscription, you must now click on Manage Subscription

6. Hit the Cancel Subscription button and provide a reason for your subscription cancellation.

7. Confirm cancellation and check your subscription status. 

Cancel NBA League Pass On iOS Device

1. Open the Settings application on your iOS device. 

2. Tap on your name on the page. 

3. Go to Subscriptions and then choose your NBA Subscription

4. Tap on the Cancel Subscription option at the bottom. 

Cancel NBA League Pass On Android Device

1. Go to the Google Play Store on your device. 

2. Tap on your Profile and then select Payments and Subscriptions

3. Hit the Subscriptions button and then select your NBA League Pass subscription

4. Tap on Cancel Subscription and then Confirm the procedure. 

How To Cancel NBA TV Subscription At Amazon Prime?

If you purchased your NBA TV Subscription from Amazon Prime then you can easily cancel it from the same platform. 

1. Open your Amazon Prime account and go to Manage Your Prime Video Channels

2. Select the subscription you wish to cancel from the available list. 

3. Choose the Cancel Channel option and then confirm the procedure. 

How To Cancel NBA League Pass On YouTube TV?

If you purchased the League Pass subscription on YouTube TV then you can also cancel it from there. 

1. Open the YouTube TV application on your device. 

2. Go to Settings and then Subscriptions

3. Choose the NBA TV subscription you wish to cancel and tap on Cancel Subscription

This will cancel your NBA League Pass subscription on YouTube TV. 

How Do I Cancel NBA League Pass Auto-Renewal?

Following the steps given below will help you cancel your NBA League Pass auto-renewal:

1. Go to the official website of the NBA and Log in to your account. 

2. Navigate to My Account on your profile page and then select Manage Subscription

3. Choose the subscription for which you wish to cancel Auto-renewal. 

4. Select Turn-Off Auto-Renewal for your subscription. 

5. If you are unable to cancel your Auto-renewal this way then you can also contact Customer Support at 1-866-622-5483. 

Terminate NBA TV Subscription- FAQs

Does NBA TV Provide A Free Trial?

NBA TV does offer a 7-day free trial for its Premium and other Standard plans. You can get the benefit of this free trial as soon as you purchase a subscription. However, if you don’t want to pay the plan charges then remember to cancel your plan within the free trial period. 

Can I Get A Refund From NBA TV?

NBA strictly follows their No-Refund policy so you must know that you will not be provided with any kind of refund from the NBA TV team no matter if the subscription plan you purchased is monthly or annual.

Why Can’t I Cancel My NBA League Pass Subscription?

The members can easily cancel their NBA League Pass subscription on the platform they purchased the subscription at by carefully going through the cancellation steps. But you must make sure that you provide all the required details and login with the correct registered account. Also, remember that there are different steps for subscription cancellation on different platforms. 

Wrap Up

An NBA TV and NBA League Pass Subscription is perfect for all the die-hard fans of the game and is surely worth it for those who don’t wish to miss a single moment of those rivalries.

If you no longer desire to use the subscription then follow the steps mentioned above to cancel your subscription anytime you want. Visit the official website to learn more about the subscription plans and cancellation procedure. You can also cancel your Fubo TV subscription and MLB TV subscription.

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